The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank used by the Imperial Guard and is one of the largest and oldest tanks used by the Imperium. These massive. I’m about to buy a baneblade not sure what variant I am going to make but that isn’t important. I don’t have a data sheet for it and don’t really. Hello guys it’s me again. I just bought a baneblade to add to my guard army and I am having trouble finding out which book has the most.

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Mulletdude Shas’la with Pulse Carbine. Thanks for any input – Sanctum 1st Urban Assault Force. The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank used by the Imperial Guard and is one of the largest and oldest tanks used by the Imperium. Ignores Cover, Also Mounts a Demolisher Cannon Really like the HH-4 will wipe anything short of ultra elites like termies, ignore cover is always a bonus.

Amuses me that the commanders can order themselves except for the only ones you might want to, the ones in tanks.

This in addition to the stuff I’ve already mentioned. Shoots 18 S 5 AP 4. This is a difficult question to answer, at least without more context. This dahasheet is your friend. I feel the beginning of the article is over exaggerating a bit.

So yeah, each of those squads gets 3d6 banebkade at something… but 3d6 shots actually only averages about 3ish wounds on a Space Marine, i. Take the Vanquisher cannon for example. Yep, confirmed — dstasheet ones makes no difference to average damage whether it’s to hit or to wound.

  DA PAM 640-1 PDF

Since commissars, platoon commanders, and command banebpade are all elites now. Either way; the Shadowsword has a very good chance of bringing down even the biggest of titans. They all get different main weapons, and all of them have a pair of Heavy Bolters as well.

June 9, 9: Back to top 23 WarriorFish Posted 23 March – I like the new rough riders a lot. Splatting tanks, Marines or whatever it can handle almost anything well. You do have to pay for the equipment that comes with the unit. Where the Stormlord is exceptionally effective against Orks, the Banehammer is especially effective against the horrendously fast-moving Tyranid swarms and their notoriously resiliant larger bio-forms.


Like all of the variants of the Baneblade, the Banehammer came into being as the solution to a specific tactical need. Automatically Appended Next Post: A Baneblade of the 1st Kronus Regiment.

Especially since it seems to offer negligible benefits over other comparable weapons. They can’t charge on the same turn, but they could do some damage to backfield units in the meantime.

The basic Infantry Squad, the meat and potatoes of an IG army. The Stormsword excels at city fighting.

Baneblades – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

So I’ve been building a Genestealer Cult Army out of skaven models, and I’m about to open a Baneblade kit as the centerpiece for the army who knows if it will hit the table often, but a baneblade crewed by Skaven sounds like a blast. I was wondering the same thing, and had two ideas: While the magma cannon’s range or area of effect are not the equal of the Shadowsword’s volcano cannon, it can still deal a death blow to unwary players thinking they are all hotshots for having a Titan on the field.


Valkyrie being able to transport two special weapons squads could be fun. Needless to say these “unsanctioned” modifications got the Mechanicum’s collective jimmies rustled up.

Its turrets all pointed different directions. The one thing going for it in 8th Edition is Command Points grant rerolls, including of the dice used to fire a DS. I startet to play with IG just because of their likness to how military work now and historicly.

The prime offers firepower options leagues ahead of the Chimera, but with a lower toughness 6 vs 7 and the same wounds and save. Yes it is basically a glorified super Russ but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – it might not be bringing Apoc level weaponry to the table but it will do a variety of things for you reliably.

Two reasons to take Nork. They do seem fairly samey though, it’s all about weight of fire vs AP and damage. Community Forum Discord Server.

It sucks that platoons are gone. The Baneblade then became available as a plastic kit from GW itself, along with a six-option kit for the fixed-hull variants.

I guess this means that you would be “that guy” if you argue that, technically, nothing in Pasks entry says that he cannot do that?

Decimators are armed primarily with a heavy, medium-ranged barrage weapon such as the unique Decimator Cannon which was a S10 AP2 weapon of rape, supported by several reaper autocannons, and are used to bombard enemies in cover. For something a bit more fun, take a Stormsword or a Hellhammer and give it baneblzde sponsons.