The Person and Work of The Holy Spirit — R. A. Torrey It is equally evident from Gal. iii.2 that the baptism with the Holy Spirit is a definite experience of which. by: R. A. Torrey What the baptism with the Holy Spirit is and what it does R.A. Torrey () was a pastor, evangelist, educator, and the author of more. R.A. Torrey (First Superintendent of Moody Bible Institue). Chapter I In Acts Jesus said: “Ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence.

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The poor man was r.a.torery. So it is evident that it is one thing to be born again by the Holy Spirit through the Word and something distinct from this and additional to it to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. He has many great insights and experiences which gives light to the purpose and need for the Holy Spirit The conclusion drawn from these three propositions, two true and one false, is necessarily false.

It is equally evident from Gal. If then, they think that the baptism with the Holy Spirit is simply imparts power to preach, it is a matter of no personal concern to them.

The writer is not of an excitable, hysterical or even emotional spirkt, but I lost control of myself absolutely.

The baptism with the Holy Spirit

He put himself unreservedly into God’s hands for Him to choose the field of labour and the gifts. The same thing is evident from Acts 8: I would not say a word to dissuade men from spending much time in waiting upon God in prayer for “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” Isa. And what will be the character of the manifestation? He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.


Some of you cannot wait three hours, nor do you need to wait. r.a.totrey

The Baptism With the Holy Spirit

That these men had such experiences, I do not for a moment question. When we come to God in prayer, the first question to ask is, Is that which I have asked of God according to His will?

What is the trouble? I don’t feel it, but God says so. He said to me, “I have come to Northfield from — — for just one purpose, to receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and I would rather die than go back to my church without receiving it.

Further than this there is a work of the Holy Spirit where the believer is strengthened with might in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in his heart by faith, that he might be filled unto all the fullness of God Eph.

I went to my rooms soirit sought that baptism for myself and received it. If a man has experienced the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit he hoy a saved man, but he is not fitted for service until in addition to this he has received the baptism with the Holy Spirit. From this it is evident that regeneration is one thing and the baptism with the Holy Spirit is something different, something further.

I shall never forget one experience in our church in Chicago. Lists with This Book.

If your interpretation of Acts ii. There are two ways of knowing anything in the Christian life. Are thhe workers of miracles? It is true that they had been waiting some time until then, but it was simply because they did not know that there was such a baptism for them.

We read in 1 Cor. After telling his hearers to repent in Acts ii. Some years ago at a convention in a Southern state, the presiding officer, a minister in the Baptist Church, called my attention to a man and said, “That man is the pope of our denomination in — — ; everything he says goes, but he is not at all with us in this matter, but I am glad to see him here.


Sun and Shield: R. A. Torrey on the baptism with the Holy Spirit

Moody said, “I do not think we need to go further. Some weeks after, one who had witnessed the scene came to me at a convention in Washington and told me how this minister r.a.tordey gone back to his church a transformed man, that now his congregations filled the church, that it was largely composed of young men, and that there were conversions at every service. What we have in promise in the words of Christ many have, and all may have, in glad experience: Bsptism the Bible, if carefully studied, will give us a view of this wondrous blessing that is perfectly clear and remarkably definite.

Did not the Apostles have to wait ten days, and may we not have to wait ten days or even more? But if he had properly understood the matter, he would have baltism that the fact that he had not received power as an evangelist is no proof that he has not received the baptism with the Spirit, and much less is it a proof that he is not a child of God.

Many cases of bitter disappointment and almost despair have arisen from this cause. The Spirit Himself was present in mighty power that night.