Technical Readout: Battlemechs. Light Mechs. 20 tons: LCT-1V Locust · STG-3R Stinger · WSP-1A Wasp. 25 tons: COM-2D Commando. 30 tons. BATTLETECH TECHNICAL READOUT: is a Trademark of . version of such an out-of-date document as the Technical Readout: , I offer the fol-. Technical Readout for Battletech by mescalero Documents Similar To Technical Readout (TRO) [REVISED] (FAS). Technical Readout .

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Technical Readouts – Battletech – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

Edmond rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Abzjji rated it it was amazing Aug 22, Thus this book had to come out if you wanted t If you’re a Battletech fan of yesteryear, or just getting into the game, this is a great place to start. Books by Blaine Lee Pardoe. No trivia or quizzes yet.

My other gripe is the fact that the overall production value seems low and there’s, from a gaming universe perspective, a rather thin explanation of why these ‘Mechs were left out. The BattleTech Technical Readout: Jovany Agathe rated it it was ok Nov 26, His readut have even been mentioned on the floor of the U.

J rated it it was amazing Jan 16, There are no teechnical topics on this book yet. Though we only got through a few sessions, it did send me on a month-long nostalgic binge re-reading the books and re-living a hundred battles fought in Middle and High School.

Technical Readout: 3025

I was hooked instantly. Go to our Sales Site. Preview — Battletech deadout Blaine Lee Pardoe. If you’re a Battletech fan of yesteryear, or just getting into the game, this is a great place to start.


The technical handout books not only contained dozens of mechs and vehicles, but each had its own history and backstory, as well as little personalized traits and quirks that had no effect on the game but made it all feel real, like commentary on how cramped the cockpits were for larger pilots or how awkwardly the control yokes were placed. Anyways, the mentions of notable pilots from the original book for each design are absent, which stinks because they were interesting to read.

Armed with advanced technologies of a long-dead age, the warlike invaders unleashed a devastating blitzkrieg, capturing world after world until a total Clan victory seemed certain. Matt Drozdowski rated it it was ok Jan 05, Feb 15, Ethan rated it liked it. Wilcox rated it really liked it Apr 21, Anthony Pryor Goodreads Author.

Battletech: Technical Readout Revised by Blaine Lee Pardoe

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Manuel Gradillas rated it really battpetech it Jul 13, Unable to match the enemy’s superior ‘Mechs, the Inner Sphere militaries increasingly turned to their combat fleets for relief, only to find the skies filled with deadly Clan DropShips, JumpShips, and WarShips – massive vessels not seen in the Inner Sphere for hundreds of years.

Now the heirs to Kerensky’s warrior spirit are returning, and they have suffered no loss of military technology.

James Techmical Bishop rated it it was amazing May 14, DosVersionG rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Russell Jones rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Pardoe has been a featured speaker at the US National Archives, the United States Navy Museum, and the New York Mil Blaine Pardoe is a New York Times Bestselling and award winning author of numerous books in the science fiction, military non-fiction, true crime, paranormal, and business management genre’s.


Matthew Dame-Brusie rated it it was amazing Dec 25, But those same advances also carried a curse, for the engines of war from the Star League era possessed power unequalled in the Successor States today.

Both sides now had an opportunity to reassess their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and respond. Refresh and try again. The artwork for the Star League-era designs such as the Sentinel and Thug could have been better.

Doug rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Technology has eroded, with both manufacturing capabilities and knowledge lost on the battlefields. Timothy rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Readouut that’s just me, I guess.

If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. United under the interstellar government of rechnical Star League, all mankind prospered and enjoyed an improved quality of life made possible by advances in technology, commerce, human rights, and the arts. Includes detailed illustrations, background information, and game rules for BattleMechs from the Succession Wars.

Sell us your stuff? When the RPG came out around college times for me we even tried out a short lived mercenary game. Also technkcal are construction rules for building new Mechs using the awesome new weapons, armor, and heat sinks that are available. Corcoran rated it it was amazing May 21,