View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf. Uniden BCT15 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual. Get support for your Uniden BCT15X Scanner at Uniden Customer Support. Corporate Info · Find Your Product Scanners BCT15X User Manual.

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Table Of Contents Precautions Infinite – you must press Hold after a page to resume standby mode.

The BCT15 uses a similar method to turn on and off scanning sites and systems. Search Lockout Limits Viewing Memory Used You can also assign Tone-Out to a search key. For more info visit the Wiki alerts page. Since the trunking system might send a call and its response on different frequencies, it is difficult to listen to trunked communications using a conventional scanner.

Program the system into your scanner according to the plan you prepared in Step 1. If, during transfer, you get an error message, reduce the setting in the software and the scanner and start again until you get reliable, complete transfer of data. For each alert in the scanner, you can select from 9 different tone patterns, and 15 volume settings. Most highway patrol vehicles on the road today are equipped with a secondary radio system known as a ‘mobile extender’ or ‘vehicular repeater’.

Easier to Read BCT Scanner Manual

PRI flashes in the display when you select this mode. Got it, continue to print.


The gct15 ower base frequency or base is always the base frequency as provided in the Radio Reference Database. The default setting is Off. When that happens, each subdivision will be assigned a digit fromresulting in codes such as, and so on. To enter hexadecimal IDs see Entering Text.

When a location alert with a higher priority occurs, the current location alert is canceled and the scanner alerts for the location with the higher priority. For example, the code for Tarrant County, Texas, is Press to start scanning then press again to unlock function mode. The BCT15 includes state-by-state preprogrammed frequencies designed to provide you with good general radio coverage targeted to the state you are in.

Top Questions for Uniden BCT15X Scanner

Scroll to the next band and repeat. Creating Groups Once you have your Systems built, systems options configured, trunking system Sites Createdand Site Options configured, you can create your groups. Bear Tracker Warning System. Editing The Talk Group Id See also Auto Bbct15 Sizes. Number Tags Numbers for system and channel tags can range from 0 to This lets you avoid hearing an alert that applies to an area within a mile radius but not necessarily to your county or parish.

Uniden BCT15 Manuals

Setting Up Tone-out Setting The Options To toggle Group Quick Keys on or off while scanning the systemquickly press then the press the number key assigned to the group.

After storing the ID, you will be at the ‘ Edit Channel ‘ menu to complete the settings for the new channel. When the menu item you want to select is highlighted, press E Yes or the scroll control to select it.


If you turn off all groups in a system you will not be able to turn any back on and also see ‘ Nothing to Scan ‘. Setting The System Hold Time Set State allows you to add the system to the Bear Tracker system so you can listen to it when you select your ‘State’. Press MENU 3 times to return. Press then Menu to go to the ‘ Tone-Out for Keypad and Knob Controls.

Uniden Support – Downloads and Manuals

Last updated January 16, Press to bft15 an error or warning message. Press 4 to move the cursor to the left when editing text. At ‘ Select Key No. On – you only need to enter control channel frequencies. Press [6] to move one character to the right. To start a Service Search press Menu. To move the cursor to the rightpress 6.

Plug the DB9 end into the rear port of one scanner and the other end into the front port of the other scanner. Select On or Off, then press On — Auto Step Size Chart.

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