Still from the film adaptation of Beau Geste, starring (from left) Ray Milland ( as John Geste), Gary Cooper (Beau Geste), and Robert Preston (Digby Geste). : Beau Geste (): Percival Christopher Wren: Books. Beau Geste (Wordsworth Collection) [P. C. Wren] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three noble English brothers battle a sadistic sergeant.

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Foreign Legion book and film made since then. The fort inviolate, untrodden by Arab foot. Bought this book after being addicted to the tv series back in the 80’s and falling in love with Benedict Taylor! I am going to put some ice on my head. As his hireling car sped along the country road that led to the park gates of Brandon Abbas, George Lawrence’s heart beat like that of a boy going bexu his first love-tryst.

Glad I finally read it. Where were the usual sounds and stir of an occupied post? If it is not a trap, the gates will be opened in two minutes. Major de Beaujolais was conscious of the fact that “curious” was not exactly the word he would have used.

Beau Geste – Wikipedia

bau The notion of facing death at the hands of mutineers, a ruthless commander, or torturing Arabs can be faced down with a stiff upper lip, eh, what? I know not why I connected these two things in my mind.

Would you have done the same in my place? Well, away went the goum, stood afar off on a sand-hill, saw the Touaregs skirmish up to the oasis, park their camels among the palms, and seriously set about investing the place.

There is always a far bigger percentage of wounded than of killed in any engagement. Au ‘ voir, mes enfants. Where then does PC Wren sit in this?

Should you find yourself drawn to this quaint but enthralling read, you gwste further feed your lust on the sequels: Every now and then bwau must have blown the alarm that the bugler would never blow again, in the hope that it would guide and hasten the relieving force and impress the Arabs with fear that the avengers must be near. Reading it at my “old” age I didn’t really see all that appeal. If not –then the remainder would be ordered to right-form and shoot them where they stood, for disobedience in the field, practically in the presence of the enemy.


The title characterwhose given name is Michael, and gfste brothers, Digby and John, have joined the French Foreign Legion after being falsely accused of a crime. View all 6 comments. Along the way, I was treated to some of the most vivid scenes.

Stirring British Empire stiff-upper-lip stuff. I looked at each of the Watchers in turn. If this was my last order on parade, it should be worthily given, in a voice deep, clear, and firm. bexu

P. C. Wren

Standing at this, Lawrence looked into a well-remembered panelled hall and ran his eye over its gleaming floor and walls, almost nodding to the two suits of armour that stood one on each side of a big, doorless doorway. Anderson is the editor of The Loss of Virtue: Is this book why I named my son Beau?

I had ordered him to follow by a forced march, leaving a suitable garrison at Tokotu, when I dashed off with the ‘always ready’ emergency-detachment on camels, preceding by an hour or so the ‘support’ emergency-detachment on mules, with water, rations, and ammunition.

Duty to ween country came before my duty to these fellows, and I must not allow any gwste for their probable fate to come between me and my duty as a French officer. I freely admit it. Wren himself served with the Legion. Weak and ill in body, Lawrence was worried and anxious in mind, the one reacting on the other. This section is essentially a chamber drama with comedy and budding romance and then the mystery that sends the brothers on their quest.


He lived out the remainder of his life in England concentrating on his literary career. Wren ties loose strings together, including recording that Michael Geste’s original reasons for joining the Foreign Legion were honour but also his doomed and impossible love for Claudia.

Percival Christopher Wren

Forgive beah, old chap, and finish the story. Never had his friend seen this reserved, taciturn, and unemotional man so affected. He strongly maintained that Wren had indeed served in the French Foreign Legion and was always quick to refute those who said otherwise.

Why were they not sleeping the sleep of tired victors, below on their cots in the caserne, while double sentries watched from the high look-out platform?

That Sergeant-Major is one of the bravest and coolest men I have ever known, and his collection of ferblanterie includes the Croix and the Medaille given on the field, for valour. However, the world was moving on.

Beau Geste (Wordsworth Collection): P. C. Wren: : Books

It was one more phenomenon in that focus of phenomena! Bullets play funny tricks, I know, but not upon things they do not touch. For whatever course of action she pursued, she had some excellent reason, and he had no earthly cause to feel a bfau hurt at her reticence in the matter.

It might be that the company would obey orders, if the escouade remained mutinous, and it might be that all would reflect upon the coming of the Senegalese.