Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. By the time she’s 28 years old, British -born Quinn Bed Rest – Kindle edition by Sarah Bilston. Download it once. In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest. Three months of bed rest forces a pregnant lawyer to reexamine her life.

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But when her doctor tells her she must spend the last three months of her pregnancy lying in bed, Q is thrown into a tailspin. I liked it because unlike those novels which are romantic in tone, th Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying this book which I misjudged. This is an honest take on life, the effects of a new baby on a marriage and the real life scares of a high risk pregnancy. Bilston manages to make all this quite amusing, while guiding Q through resolution of her less-than-sisterly feelings for her sisters, her deteriorating relationship with Tom, and the legal case of the downstairs tenants which Q takes on to while away her hours.

Bedrest is a very quick read, could probably be finished in an afternoon. In a charming and witty novel in the tradition of Allison Pearson and Sophie Kinsella, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career woman who finds her pregnancy a breeze — until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She is needy and selfish and awful towards her husband and her friend that comes to visit her.

Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston

In this humorous and touching debut, Sarah Bilston tells the story of a busy career woman who finds her pregnancy a breeze – until she’s ordered off her feet for complete and total bed rest Quinn ‘Q’ Boothroyd is a successful young English lawyer married to the gorgeous Tom and living in New York. Q is a grown up grappling with major issues of a workaholic husband, down right cruel sister, boredom of bedrest, and the terror of complications with the baby.


She is married with one daughter. Thinking it was another shallow yet enjoyable book in the genre of “chick lit” by another British author. Q experiences adventures on the couch she never would have encountered in the law firm and learns a lot about herself and what she wants out of life — above all, about the little one growing inside her. This was like the glossiest book I have bev in a test time where shit happens, but it all works out and you think about it for like 2 seconds and you are like, wait, how did that happen?

Besides the fact that as I suspected the author wrapped up all the angst of the previous couple hundred pages in about two pages at the end. Books Sarah Bilston Bed Rest. An easy read, with some surprising hints of depth Sqrah believe that is a story best covered over in the “Happily Ever After” of our childhood fairy tales.

Apart from anything else it’s the first time I can remember seeing my favourite abusive name Ratbag! More books by Sarah Bilston. Mar 18, Abigail the Fangirl rated it liked it. Well, the author did a good job making it a xarah ride!

Jul 11, Katherine rated it did not like it. At the end, this mom delivered a healthy baby – and that’s all that matters. However, after a mere seven or saarah days, she’s sure she going to go out of her mind with boredom. Q talks us through her daily life of staying on her side, from staring out the window into the neighbors apartments to praying for visitors, even if they are from people she didn’t particularly care for.


Q was an idiot. Life is too short to force myself to finish crap books, so into the DNF pile for you. And for that, I give it four stars. Bed Rest turned out to be a much more mature story than I expected. Bed Rest by Sarah Bilston.

It had some funny parts, perhaps the funniest thing is the mere fact that these soon new-to-be parents think they can place a pregnancy in these nice little beed boxes and to run exactly as they planned. Trivia About Bed Rest.

It’s unlikely I’ll pick Bed Rest was a surprisingly disappointing novel. Resta la lettura di quelli che sono gli ultimi mesi di una gravidanza difficile, con la noia di Q e con tutto quello che mangia, con la vicenda bilstln vecchi condomini sfrattati e lei che si crede l’eroina della palazzina.

I feel a bit bad giving this book only one star. LOL I am done. I was looking for Ret Kinsella books on my Scribd app and they didn’t have what I wanted, so they suggested Bed Rest. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.