Altoprev (lovastatina de liberación prolongada), Livalo (pitavastatina), Pravacol (pravastatina), Crestor (rosuvastatina) y Zocor (simvastatina). Al igual que otras estatinas, la pravastatina inhibe en forma competitiva a la La coadministración con fibratos (bezafibrato, gemfibrozilo), niacina, eritromicina. fluvastatina mg, lovastatina 40 mg, pravastatina. 40 mg . 3A4: ciclosporina, fibratos (gemfibrozil, bezafibrato, fenofibrato y ciprofibrato).

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Interaction of single-dose ezetimibe and steady-state cyclosporine in renal transplant patients. Gemfibrozil markedly increases the plasma concentrations of montelukast: John’s wort product Movina and atorvastatin in patients with hypercholesterolemia. Amiodarone interacts with simvastatin but not with pravastatin disposition kinetics. Rhabdomyolysis after addition of digitoxin to chronic simvastatin and amiodarone therapy. Drug-drug interactions between raltegravir and pravastatin in healthy volunteers.

Pleiotropic effects of statins. Warfarin potentiation with bezafibrate. Cimetidine does not alter atorvastatina pharmacokinetics or LDL-cholesterol reduction.


El diltiazem puede causar un aumento en la Cmax en 3,6 veces y el ABC en 5 veces de la simvastatina y de 3,5 veces el ABC de lovastatina; efecto que no se evidencia en el caso de la pravastatina The following Mesh terms were used: Atorvastatin coadministration may increase digoxin concentrations by inhibition of intestinal P-glycoprotein-mediated secretion.

Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin.

Henao 1M. No clinically relevant drug-drug interactions when dalcetrapib is co-administered with atorvastatin.

Coadministration of dabigatran etexilate and atorvastatin: J Natl Med Assoc. Rhabdomyolysis with atorvastatin and fusidic acid. Effect ofcolesevelam on lovastatin pharmacokinetics.

Pravastatina: MedlinePlus medicinas

A study of the interaction potential of azithromycin and clarithromycin with atorvastatin in healthy volunteers. No pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic interaction between atorvastatin and the oral direct thrombin inhibitor ximelagatran. Amiodarone’s role in simvastatin-associated rhabdomyolysis.

Atorvastatin does not alter the anticoagulant activity of warfarin. Rhabdomyolysis in association with simvastatin and amiodarone.

Simvastatin-induced myopathy, the role of interaction with diltiazem beafibrato genetic predisposition. Tratamiento de la hipertrigliceridemia: An outpatient drug de-sensitization protocol was initiated, starting with 5 mg, and with gradual dose increases every 4 to 5 days for 59 days until the desired maintenance dose mg was reached.


Lack of pharmacokinetic interaction of colestipol and fenofibrate in volunteers. De-sensitization is carried out by administering increasing doses of the drug. Evaluation of the pharmacokinetic interaction between fluvastatin XL and cyclosporine in renal transplant recipients. Rhabdomyolysis associated with gemfibrozil-colchicine therapy.


Use and indications of cholestyramine and bile acid sequestrants. Rhabdomyolysis induced by simvastatin-fluconazole combination. Rhabdomyolysis with concurrent atorvastatina and diltiazem. Effect of simvastatin on the pharmacokinetics of anastrozole.