Retrieved from “”. Categories: Krishna | Bhishma | Pushpitagra | Stotram | Bhagavatam | Sanskrit. This great prayer occurs in the Mahabharatha. The Grand old man old man of Mahabharatha is Bheeshma, the son of. 27 जुलाय् Bhishma stuti भीष्म स्तुति with English Meaning . Great Stuti Of Mahabharata, thanx for translation in Sanskrit to English, Lord Shri.

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A girl likes a husband who is handsome, brave and has a good nature whereby he does as he is told.

This stuti is sung by Bhishma when he is about to depart. Sahskrit looking at Him, the Annihilator of the Inauspicious, his meditation purified and his pain from the arrows disappeared instantly. For the sake of the fulfillment of my duty sanakrit to be more of violence and against His own sworn principle [to stay out of the fray], He got down from His chariot, took up it’s wheel and – while dropping His outer garment – paced towards me like a lion that is about to kill an elephant.

And while he bhisgma before the material tabernacle all the activities of his senses ceased when he departed for the Controller of Sanskeit Living Beings. Our mind is not single; it is attached to wealth, name and people. You thought of my happiness and thus to keep my oath true, O Damodar, you broke your oath! Knowing the truth he described, o sages, the [four basic civil virtues of] religious dutifulness, economy, fulfilment of desires and liberation, to which he cited various known histories.

Shri Bhishmaji claims that his mind is single and he would like to wed it to Shri Krishna. He is the most desirable person of the higher, lower and middle worlds. Having experienced the absorption of being freed from the misconceptions of duality, I know [ever since] that He, now present before me, is the One Unborn in sstuti heart of the conditioned soul.

Let me develop love in the divine feet of such a singer of Gita. See more of Ramesh bhai ojha on Facebook. These verses are from Srimadbhagavatam, First Cantoeanskrit Ninth chapter verses 32 Newer Post Older Post Home.


Gaurav krishan goswami ji. Shri Hari Mandir Hindu Temple. Let there be my love for that friend of Arjuna. At the time, he devotedly performed a divine stuti prayer of Shri Krishna, who stood in front of him to bless him with his grace. Your clear recitation wanskrit very helpful in learning this sthuthi.

Shri Bhishmaji tells Lord Krishna that your complexion is dark like that of a bay bhisgma you wear apitambar which is as bright and yellow as the sun; your beautiful, black and curly hair dances on your face Svanigamapahaya matpratigna mritamadhikartumahavapluto rathasthah,Dhritarathacharano abhyayachchalatguh haririva hantumibham gatottariyah.

In Gujarat, this festival is also known as Uttarayan. Karshni Mitra Mandal Artist.

SHREE BHISHMA STUTI. | Stotras, Stutis & Aarti | Resources

Let me rest at your divine feet. I am tired of the continuous circle of life and death. Posted by Shiva Ram Baniya at 3: What if one has all the above qualities but no love? He explained about the duties of charity, rulership and liberation by giving their divisions and gave the general outline stufi the duties of women and devotional service.

Bhishma Stuti

Iti matirupakalpita vitrishna bhagavati satvata pungave vibhumni,Svasukhamupagate kvachidvihartum prakritimupeyushi yadbhavapravahah. It was by looking at Him that those who died at this place realized their original form. Wounded by the sharp arrows and without His shield He, smeared with blood, in the angry mood of the great aggressor moved towards me in order to kill me. Here are the verses before this stuti from Srimad Bhagwat: The meaning of Bhishma Stuti from the Shrimad Bhagavat on the festival of Makar Sankranti Makar Sankranti is an important Hindu festival which marks the transition of the sun from Dakshinayan Tropic of Capricorn to Uttarayan Tropic of Cancerwhere the sun begins to move towards the northern hemisphere marking the beginning of summer.

What if one is handsome and courageous but without a good temperament?

Bhishma Stuti – StotraSamhita

Thank you for this very valuable service. Shri Krishna was angry and his eyes became red. Such a marriage would fail.


Let me, at this hour of death, be of love for the Personality of Godhead who, controlling the horses with a whip in His right hand and the reins in the left, so elegant to behold by all means protected the chariot of Arjuna.

This prayer is composed of 11 shlokas. My mind has done darshan bhish,a your bravery in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. He has a body decorated with sandalwood pulp and a face like a lotus. Shri Bhishmaji continued to describe that this unmarried daughter is his mind.

I present there recognized Him at the time [and still remember Him now] als the spirit soul, as the object of worship. This is very well sung without any mistakes by Shri Bhaishri.

However, which girl would marry a man who is handsome but not brave? This therefore indicates the start of an auspicious phase. While the troops were looking at a distance, He with His transcendental knowledge eradicated the sanskeit of him who, because of a polluted intelligence, was reluctant to kill his kinsmen.

Bhishma Pitamah Stuti in Hindi and Sanskrit

Shri Bhishmaji dropped his weapons at this point and laughed as Shri Krishna had broken his oath of not using a weapon in the battle. It is He who in His being situated as the Supersoul in the heart of all who are created by Him, just like the one sun, is looked upon different from every angle.

After hearing the command of His friend He drove His chariot between the opposing forces, where positioned He diminished the lifespan of the enemy by simply looking at them.

May my love free from material motives repose in the friend of Arjuna. Vyavahita prithanamukham nirikshya svajanavadhadvimukhasya doshabuddhyaKumatimaharadatmavidyaya yashcharanaratih paramsya tasya me astu.

Sapadi sakhivacho nishamya madhye nijaparayorbalayo ratham niveshyaSthitavati parasainikayurakshna hritvati partha sakhe ratirmamastu. Shitavishikhahatovishirnadamshah kshatajaparipluta atatayino me,Prasabhamabhisasara madvadhartham sa bhavatu me bhagavan gatirmukundah.

This was not a request, it was a command.