Download III razred, nastavni plan i program za gimnaziju Plan i program rada za gimnazije prirodno-matematickog smera. TRANSCRIPT. III. biologija za 3 razred gimnazije prirodno matematickog smera pdf za 4 razred gimnazije opsteg smera pdf biologija za 3 razred za 1 i 2 razred gimnazije Read . Undergraduate studies – Biology / Prirodno-matematički fakultet N. Nedeljković: Biologija za III razred gimnazije prirodno-matematičkog smera, Zavod.

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The organizer is biologjja and exhibitions at the school, a lecturer for parents and colleagues on the topics given within the priority areas of professional development of relevance for the development of education and upbringing. In the project of Societe General Bank Innovations in Banking, students won the third place at the national prirorno.

She also published works in the proceedings of the Republic seminars, many of which were created as a result of teamwork with colleagues from Serbia.

Follow innovation in teaching and apply them. Autor je bloga Kreativnost na dar.

Her students have taken part in May competitions, the Red Cross, events, contests. In his work with students he shows that the classroom is the whole world. He also exposes his ideas to scientific meetings. After she had gotten the licence for a pedagogical counsellor five years ago, she got even stronger will for work.

Dinamika fluida

She is a pedagogical counsellor and a credit analyst at the first level obtained in the National Bank of Serbia. Variety as the Spice of ELT goo. Danas je zaposlen na fakultetu FEFA i predaje nauku o podacima.

The mode of operation is diverse, it implements group and teamwork. Changes happen in her work every day. She likes children and the work with children.


Zoran is the author, implementor and the leader of more seminars and trainings. The teacher with children works through out-of-school activities in the city, and is one of the educators in the program of the Red Cross “Promotion of Human Values”. With teams of children he won for three times the awards in the competition Siemens: They have won the places from the first place to the third one in municipal and city competitions.

Neguje individualizovani pristup u nastavi. She has been teaching children for a considerable amount of time that history can be learnt in a modern way by the use of new technologies. In this paper, he successfully applies information and communication technologies and multimedia, as well as the Montessori method.

She likes team work and she often wins awards and plays in the team. It is distinguished from other teachers primarily by their relationship to their students, by working with parents, by the methods and techniques employed in the work, by the ability to transfer knowledge and advice that instructs parents how to give their children the maximum. She initiated a series of activities that modernized the work of the primary school. He is the author and organizer of the children’s assembly “Creative spell” in Banja Vrujci, which is a view of children’s creativity aimed at exchanging experiences of children from rural and urban areas, as well as the affirmation of children’s film, drama, art, and literary creativity.

Together with his colleague from the school, he is one of the creators of the Creative Team “Mission”, who conducts educational and creative workshops for students of the seventh and eighth grade, whose goal is to recognize talents among pupils, gradually and properly develop and direct.

Within its section, it organizes various events, such as the Physics Day and the Mini Science Festival, and participates with and participate in other events, such as the Science Festival in the First Kragujevac Gymnasium.


Environment education is incorporated into the teaching process as an independent subject, depending smerra the age of students, including the extent to which ecological content is incorporated into the curriculum, taking into consideration gjmnazije educational profile and the connection to science subjects and ecology.

This organizational solution has contributed to the equal involvement of students in various activities contests, festivals exhibitions, virtual trips and the companionship with their peers. He initiates some of the activities, supports some of the activities and takes part in some of the activities.

FCUB – Nadežda Ž. Nedeljković

matematickoy She sticks to the adverb: Zbornik katedre za pedagogiju, Filozofski fakultet, Novi Sad. Jedan je od organizatora prvog gradskog festivala nauke u Somboru. Konkurs za Najbolje edukatore za She is very creative, positive, innovative, motivated for work, she cherishes collective spirit and cooperation, she is a team player, she likes exploring, she gladly accepts challenged, she is persistent and always smiling.

He actively runs various sports sections at the school and prepares teams for competitions, and one of the biggest things he has launched is razded “Maturanti Marathon” section. Everything she had applied in teaching was connected with the programmes of professional development so as to pass on examples of good practice.

Gordana Petrovic is a hiologija of technical subjects at the Mechanical Technical School ” He scanned all the numbers of the magazine “Young Physicist”, enabling his colleagues to use it more.