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The variable FOO has two flags: If that checksum matches what is in the cache and the recipe and class files have not changed, Bitbake is able to use the cache. A list of package name aliases that a package also provides. Installation using your Distribution Package Management System: Now that a BitBake target exists, run the command and provide that target:.

Fired when a build finishes. When you use this syntax, no spaces are inserted. All the standard syntax operations previously mentioned work for variable flags except for override style syntax i. When the build system searches for source code, it first tries the local download directory. This is useful because the range name is not only placed into overrides, but it is also made available for the metadata to use in the variable that defines the base recipe versions for use in file: If A is set before the above statements are parsed, the variable retains its value.

By the time parsing is complete for a recipe, BitBake maanual a list of tasks that the recipe defines and a mabual of data consisting of keys and values as well as dependency information about the tasks. Conditional Syntax Overrides 3.

Defines the command the BitBake fetcher module executes when running fetch operations. You must also use the specific layer name as a suffix to the variable e. You can set the variable to one of the following modes:.


As far as Git is concerned, the “tag” parameter behaves effectively the same as the “revision” parameter.

Bitbake Cheat Sheet –

This is the directory that BitBake will use to do all of its work. Here is a list of available operations:.

Controls inter-task runtime dependencies. Controls task recursive runtime dependencies.

Tasks support a number of these flags which control various functionality of the task: The simplest example commonly used to demonstrate any new programming language or tool is the ” Hello World ” example. Because it is a change in a task’s inputs that triggers running the task, BitBake needs to detect all the inputs to a given task. This event’s “cached”, “parsed”, “skipped”, “virtuals”, “masked”, and “errors” attributes provide statistics for the parsing results.

These recipe files provide BitBake with the following:. Welcome to the BitBake User Manual. This allows the person or persons maintaining the repository of recipe files to specify their preference for the default selected version. This chapter lists common variables used by BitBake and gives an overview of their function and contents. This section describes the process. The revision to use for the checkout. You can use “dir” for local directories. They variables can and are called with different variable names.

BitBake first uses pre-mirrors to try and find source files. Although the syntax varies depending on the packaging format, BitBake hides these differences from you. There also needs to be a way for each recipe to express its dependencies, both for build-time and runtime.

BitBake User Manual

The expression is compared against the full paths to the files. Note It is assumed that local storage is safe from data corruption. As an example, suppose you needed a recipe to include some self-test definitions:. Specifies a space-separated list of additional variables to add to a variable’s dependencies for the purposes of calculating its signature. This scenario is usually something the user does not want. For example, continuing with the same example, the statement in the bar.


An example would be:. Here is how you can do so in your home directory: Specifies the internal whitelist of variables to allow through from the external environment into BitBake’s datastore. With these conditions met, your single recipe can freely choose between the original function as defined in the class file and the modified function in your recipe.

As stated earlier, the goal of this example is to eventually compile “Hello World”. The intent is to make it easy to do things like email notification on build failure.

Bitbake Cheat Sheet

If a signature is the same, an object can be reused. Used to rename the module. Note Following are some points regarding the variables listed in this glossary: Thus, in all cases, “fetch” refers to “fetch2” in this manual.

A given setscene task can still later fail. Contains a space-separated list of all of all files that BitBake’s parser included during parsing of the current file.

These other variables are variables used in systems that use BitBake. These events run in the worker context and are discarded at the end of task execution.