Fixture components • Clamps • Clamps counteract forces from the feed of the table and BIW – Weld Fixtures Design Process/Methodology. AES Property/Confidential. Welding Fixture Design Process. • Study of Clamping Plan. • Understand the Sequence of operations. instance in assembly or welding. An Advanced Treatise on Fixture Design and Planning. Clamps. A clamp is a force-actuating mechanism of a fixture.

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Remember that machine design is science, but it is also art. With automated clamps you need to keep the operators fingers out of the way, so put in two-handed controls. September 22, at 6: This is usually done with the datum surfaces that are fixyure for locating surface. Remember me on this computer. We often use straight cylinders for clamping. But as you delve into designing more fixtures you will soon fitxure that not all clamps fit all applications.

August 7, at 2: The product part rests on the shoulders of the pins.


Or, by attaching it to some sort of lever or slide. Another view of the two-part clamp weldment.

It is used for more than product line, or similar but different product parts. A similar question came up and I posted it on linked in.

SME chapters hold tours and have tons of education available as well as networking opportunities.

Some of it has to be addressed by the welder through technique and process. This manually operated Toggle Clamp has a plate welded below the arm. Often times, when you start to work for a company you will clampibg told which clamps they prefer.

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11 Ideas for Clamping Product Parts in Weld Fixtures

Clamping device In every welding operation for body assembly, clamping of panel is an essential requirement. This also doubles as a method for locating or pinning a detail.

G S JHA says: Some weld distortions can not be addressed with fixturing. The dimensions of datum surface are decided by selecting a necessary cross- section from the part drawing.


Locating pins are available in numerous shapes and sizes in a design. Think of your finger coming down and holding the part in place but keeping out of the way of the weld gun.

BIW Fixture Design

I got some great feed back on the issue. July 26, at Notice the rest pads have yellow shim packs under them. It also allows you to shorten or lengthen the swing arm. There are two configurations for position of locating pin: Help Center Find new research papers in: It takes creativity to come up with solutions to tight spaces or welding metals that expand as they get hot.

The welded block on the end of the clamp arm can help you go around the corner …. Share them with me and I will include them in a future lesson.