BKK Gesundheitsreport (), Gesundheit in einer älter werdenden Gesellschaft, (), ‘Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Oxidative Stress Genes, and Asthma. Das Gesundheitswesen. ; – Das Gesundheitswesen. ; – BKK-Gesundheitsreport Essen; Switzerland CHF 8 billion/year CHF billion diagnosis and treatment costs BKK. Gesundheitsreport [17/12/]. -dachverband .

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A PhD thesis by M. Moreover, participants with a type D personality were 1. The project findings revealed that highly skilled female professionals and managers are at risk of alcohol abuse as a compensation for work-related stress.

Germany: EWCO CAR on Use of Alcohol/Drugs at the Workplace

Among the PCPs who said they had consumed psychoactive drugs or other psychoactive substances in the past year, female PCPs were more likely than male PCPs to have used such substances every day or multiple times a week chi-square test for multiple times per week or more frequently, versus once a week or less frequently: As mentioned above, these figures cannot be verified. Are there any other sources of information published after mids that may provide valuable information on the issue i.

This is paradoxical, in view of their higher frequency of depressive symptoms; perhaps the respondents consciously minimized their problems when they were directly asked about the presence of a mental illness, but were less likely to do so when indirectly asked about their depressive symptoms, by means of a group of questions whose role in assessing depression is not immediately obvious.


The generally high job-related stress level among physicians may lead to various health impairments in the long run. This finding is comparable to that of a survey recently conducted among PCPs in twelve European countries 19in which the consumption of psychoactive drugs or other psychoactive substances was assessed in the same way. Trainees can reject drug testing at the risk of losing employment.

Soc Work Health Care. Human-Human and Human-Animal Interaction. This study differs from other surveys of German PCPs in employing validated, standardized instruments of assessment.

Work stress and reduced health in young physicians: Animal cognition12 6 National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Methodology Drogen- und Suchtbericht – Drogenbeauftragte. Employers are asked to follow a step-by-step way of procedure of intervention: Performance and outcomes of the programmes Changes overtime Assessment of the programmes. Bitte noch einmal versuchen. The following steps have to involve various actors works council, HR department, occupational doctor, BG for implementing either rehabilitation and reintegration measures or dismissal.

Quellen und Recherchelinks – Bundesverband Bürohund

Occupational stress, as measured by the ERI-Q, was found to be associated with depressivity, but not with mental illness or with the consumption of psychoactive substances. Working conditions and health of general practitioners in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany: We may assume, however, that legal but potentially habit-forming substances such as alcohol or tobacco were not counted by the subjects as psychoactive substances, as their consumption had been assessed separately in earlier items of the questionnaire.


N Engl J Med. Consequences of positive drug tests vary depending on sector and working task. Information on the extent of gdsundheitsreport use of alcohol and drugs at the workplace in your country, as well as the type of situations sectors, occupations, working conditions, etc.

Unfavorable outcome of heart transplantation in recipients with type D personality. Support Center Support Center. Open in a separate window.

Type D personality and 200 mortality in patients with chronic heart failure. Multivariate contextual analyses In the multivariate analysis of depressive symptoms, all measures of stress stayed in the regression model Table 3. Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. There is no evaluation of these measures. Burnout in European family doctors: International studies in which screening instruments for depression were used have mostly yielded lower rates of depression among PCPs, e.

In case of professional drivers trucks, busses, taxis aged 50 years or older, the driving licence regulation Fahrerlaubnisverordnung, FeV stipulates that an additional medical screening must be carried out every five years.

Physician you can heal yourself! A national programme specifically targeting employees and the workplace level is not in place.