Title: Blind Sight by Devin Knight Medium: Complete Routine Arena: Mentalism, parlor. Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic. magic tricks forum – Blindsight by Devin Knight They Say: One of the most talked about effects at the Mindvention. It virtually fooled. Buy Blindsight by Devin Knight: Magic Kits & Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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They pick an envelope and announce what color they feel is inside, the performer writes down their answer and insert it into the envelope. We’re proud to let you read our mail. There is nothing to find. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. devim

I may have to revisit this as I was impressed by Far Sight. This is all very amusing to the audience as he cannot seem to say all the colors correctly! The choices blindzight completely free. The black marker is not gimmicked. The mouth of the envelope is squeezed open showing the inside. The performer shows some opaque envelopes and four different large colored cards.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Blind Sight by Devin Knight

The very latest from Devin Knight’s Psychic-Sight series. Performer fans the envelopes out allowing the person to see the names written on each envelope.

The very latest from Devin Knight’s Psychic-Sight series. To find out more: If you performing to a group close-up, its best try to get sevin group a bit further away.


This is pretty amazing in itself but the kicker is still to knigt. I’ve added his thoughts found here and not found in the detailed instructions to the routine whenever I do it.

Be the first to review this item. Where It Has To. Feb 7, The End by Rick. We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Let’s assume he discards the envelope with the word Yellow written on it. Have a question about this product? One envelope is left in the participant’s hand. Good stuff from Devin. View our magic tricks index.

He shows them freely on both sides and points out the envelopes are opaque. There is no way anyone could have known which envelope you would have left for last.

I would say Blindsight is a very good trick and great to be performed on stage.

See a site map. The performer states that nobody could have known which envelope and color vy participant would set aside. Don’t think I would have done this on stage with lots of kids in the audience. Magician says nobody could have known what envelope the spectator would discard off to the side.

There is no play on words, and the colors are written in full view of the spectators. The thinking behind it is devious. You introduce 4 ungimmicked colored cards: This will fit the bill when challenged to do something for a knightt person. The first was Farsight and was a runaway hit. Nice job with the little girl.


Blind-sight Outdone (with gimmicks) by Devin Knight – Trick

Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. The first was Farsight and was a runaway hit. Additional Facts Many magicians who have the original effect will be puzzled by this new method. Here are the facts: Sep 22, You hear the following: Doing this will make the person a hero in the eyes of the audience and get that person a lot of applause. This is just my oppinion.

Did this review help you? Any chance you can you pm me with what the Stroop test is all about?

For example, if the ink is blue, he may say it is red. The four cards are placed inside the 6 x 9 envelopes and mixed so the participant has no idea which envelope contains which colored card. Fives cards, five enevelopes, and you can always tell which card was selected by the spectator. The handling is designed in such a way that spectators and magicians will be unable to backtrack and discover the method. For a climax, the performer opens each envelope and shows that the participant has successfully used Blindsight to correctly determine which color was in each envelope.