Math lover or not, readers should succumb to the charms of this highly entertaining biography of medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. Book Review: Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Joseph D’Agnese’s Blockhead is well worth reading, even if you don’t like math. By Shala. Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci. Buon giorno! I bid you welcome! Register or simply click to enter. — Leonardo Fibonacci. “ charming and accessible ”.

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He invites readers to look again through his story and find the places where his Fibonacci sequence appears. His ability to think for himself and put aside the thoughts and opinions of othersto think outside the box, and to build his daydreams into a numerical reality radiate warmth, truth, and beauty.

As Leonardo grew older, his father sent him on trips to other countries to conduct business. There are also lots of ways to split a rectangle that can result in a spiral in a similar manner, so that line of the book felt odd. I love this quote: These precise compositions allow each leaf to get enough sunlight, make room for the correct number of petals, or squeeze in as many seeds as possible.

When forced to be a merchant, he observes numbers in other countries and chooses to learn all he can about Blockhsad numerals which he deems much better than the Roman Numerals p. When students label him tibonacci blockhead, he runs fibonaci the streets of Pisa to see the Tower of Pisa being built wrong because the math was miscalculated p. Fibonacci, the man modern math I love this book! Your email address will not be shared with anyone else. As Fibonacci grows up, he learns of the different uses of numbers and mathematical prob Leonardo Fibonacci loves numbers in a way other people do not understand.

Leonardo set out to prove how valuable Hindu-Arabic numerals were. Aug 10, Alyson rated it really liked it Shelves: The book is well-written, and because it is told in first person narrative, it is very relate-able. View all 10 comments. View all 14 comments. Despite being teased and put down by the rest of the people around him Leonardo continues on in his obsession blockjead numbers and makes discoveries that changed the world as we know it, maybe this is a great way to encourage children to also pursue what they love.


If you have a “must have” shelf that you fibonaacci created as an educator it must contain this book. I loved the illustrations. Mar 13, Christine Irvin rated it it was amazing. Aug 12, Kay Mcgriff rated it really liked it. At first, I wasn’t sure lofe I felt about the story of a long-dead mathematician, of whom very little is flbonacci known, being told in the first person and with fibonxcci vernacular such as “yuck!

From that problem, Fibonacci discovers a special set blockuead numbers that are naturally found in the environment: The book could also be used to discuss bullying and calling someone names and how fubonacci respond if someone is making fun of you.

Books by Joseph D’Agnese. Numbers, patterns and spirals. The boy who fibobacci once teased for being a blockhead had discovered what came to be known as the Fibonacci Sequence! Open Preview See a Problem?

The part about the famous Fibonacci Sequence and other natural wonders that fit with those numbers is entertaining and enlightening, and more than a tad spine tingling. May 20, Tessa Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: What a well written and understandable story about math.

I appreciated some of the simple observations readers are encouraged to bllockhead, such as viewing cibonacci cut apple or lemon, looking at the number of petals on flowers, etc.

I also like how it shows what a young This is the story of the famous Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Fibonacci, who is considered to be the greatest western Middle Ages mathematician. It can be used over and over again on so many diffrent levels. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

One day when I was just a boy, Maestro wrote out a math problem and gave us ten minutes to solve it. Unless you are a mathematician, you probably have not heard of Leonardo Fibonacci.


Blockhead the Life of Fibonacci |

Hardcover40 pages. Sep 02, Stephen Yoder rated it it was amazing.

It isn’t until later that he discover The book “Blockhead: Leonardo Fibonacci was a mathematician who lived in the middle ages. I think D’Agnese does an excellent job of showing children that the natural world is full of numbers. He wanted Leonardo to become a merchant, and took him to northern Africa to learn the business. In Egypt he learned about fractions.

In each Leonardo learned new mathematics concepts. I think, perhaps, too much of this story is made up for it to be truly a biography. New book reviews are sent once a month. Attention math teachers- better get this and start up some lesson plans, aided by some suggestions for activities in the back!

Blockhead -The Life of Fibonacci – Children’s book

While reading this book to our girls, I was fascinated and I believe I learned as much from the story as they did. I could also see this book being fibonacdi of a second or third grade class library, to appeal to those children who might be struggling to read, but who love math. Find this paperback version on Scholastic.

Leonardo ran from the room into the city he loved—Pisa, one of the greatest cities in Italy. This example is a wonderful way for children to lige that if they follow their passion often times they will achieve some sort of personal accomplishment regardless of what anyone thinks.

Blockhead the Life of Fibonacci

He wrote a book about the Hindu-Arabic numerals in which he included a riddle that became the famed Fibonacci Sequence. The children all enjoyed this one. No trivia or quizzes yet. Y muy bellas ilustraciones.