IKEA – FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG, Plant with pot. Ficus Microcarpa Ficus Ginseng Ficus Benjamina Bonsai Pflege Ficus Microcarpa Ginseng Ingrijire. On May 3, By. ficus microcarpa ficus ginseng ficus. FICUS MICROCARPA GINSENG Plant with pot, bonsai, assorted colors. This plant is sensitive to temperature changes, which may cause the leaves to fall off. Place in a light area, out of direct sunlight.

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Birke Betula maximowicziana Jap. Steineibe Podocarpus chinensis Chin. I get the feeling that the sac-like pot is “strangling” the pfoege tree. Liguster Ligustrum sinensis Chin. The curved sides picks up the gently curved trunk and gives the composition a more feminine charisma.

Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Pflegehinweise – Best Bonsai

Observe what choices others have done for their pot, discuss with others. As you already know, the practice of Bonsai is a lesson in patience and perseverance, and it certainly applies when it comes to finding the right pot.

Generally masculine pots are deep, angular, have clean lines and stout feet. It has a long history and it represents the creator’s grandchildren. So here are some basic rules and guidance for you to stick on to. Scheinquitte Fifus sinensis Chin. There are usually multiple and what is best is a matter of your taste and it is you that first and foremost should fichs happy with your choice.


Knopfstrauch Adina rubella Chin. But what is considered a classic Bonsai pot is that it is made of ceramic or porcelain, and that it is stoneware burned, which means that it absorbs and holds no water in the material. The choice has also fallen on to a yellow pot that picks up and amplifies the red leaves of autumn containing yellow.

Visit exhibitions, go to shows, read books. If you have a deciduous tree, whose colors change with the season, you might want to have a pot to suit all stages with their colors.

There is also the possibility that you can make your own pot? But here the pot has deviated from this rule because of that the crown is so big, almost as wide as it is high.

Scheinkamelie Stewartia pseudocamellia Jap. Enzian Gentiana scabra Jap.

Steineibe Macrophylla Podocarpus macrophylla Chin. Azalee Rhododendron indicum Jap.

Bonsai Ficus Ginseng Pflegen

You can also choose a contrasting color such as blue or as in my example a mottled glaze with both red, green and yellow tones. Ficuz most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a pot is the required measurement, especially the depth of the pot.

Wacholder Juniperus chinensis Chin. There has to be drainage holes of course, and wiring holes so that the tree can be fixed to the pot.


Bonsai Ficus Ka 1 4 Nstlicher Religiosa Pflege Benjamina Nerifolia Care

Schwarzkiefer Pinus thunbergii Jap. The goal is to create harmony. Plant Finder Pot Finder Links www. Round pots, drum pots are generally flcus to be androgynous.

12 best &FICUS GINSENG images on Pinterest | Ficus ginseng bonsai, Rubber tree and Ficus microcarpa

Azalee Rhododendron japonicum Jap. Azalee Rhododendron kiusianum Jap. You can contact a potter and make a custom order. This is a legendary composition well known in Bonsai circles as “protector of the spirit”.

Actually, many containers can serve as a pot for a Bonsai tree bonaai, if they meet certain requirements. The most general rule when it comes to choosing the glaze for a pot is that the color should appear in the tree. Here the mahogany red waxed surface is reminiscent of an antique furniture and give the tree grace and history.

They also provide warmth and stability to the tree. But it would have worked with an unglazed red or glazed with earth colors.