The Seekers has ratings and 40 reviews. Holly said: The first two books in Daniel Boorstin’s Knowledge Trilogy, The Discoverers (about science) and T. The Seekers, by Daniel Boorstin. Daniel J. Boorstin. Daniel Boorstin () , pictured here, was a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, a professor at the. CHAPTER ONE. The Seekers The Story of Man’s Continuing Quest to Understand His World. By DANIEL J. BOORSTIN Random House. Read the Review.

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The Seekers, by Daniel Boorstin

He attacked their idolatry and forecast the dire consequences for Israel if the people did not mend their ways and return to their God. From these two arose Ideologya belief that the ideas expressed were true because they could be “proven”.

And in the modern age, Marx and Einstein found meaning in the sciences. Preview — The Seekers by Daniel J. Individuals lost not only influence but also meaning. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. We inherit our legacy of the sciences and xeekers arts – works of the great Discoverers and Creators In the process, he introduces us to the means of seeking answers to life’s greatest questions as they have been applied by some of the greatest seekers of history, from biblical figures like Job to Greek philosophers like Plato to modern day scientists like Albert Eeekers.


Religion, he complained, had become mere ritual. There was nothing really earth-shattering or mind-blowing about this book.

Why are we here? It’s a good introduction and interesting to see everything laid out roughly chronologically and compared. Quotes from The Seekers: All items are carefully enclosed with bubble wrap.

Related to this was historical determinism in which progress occurs by outside forces unrelated to human actions.

Aristotle’s God was the unmoved mover. And in the modern age, Marx and Einstein found meaning in the sciences. We hear how He punishes some nations and rewards others. Book has slight shelf wear from storage and use; otherwise the book is in very good condition. They’re weighty books, but the fascinating information and engaging writing do much to offset their intimidating girth.

Daniel Boorstin

NO writing, marks or tears inside book. As the ancient Hebrews were His chosen people, so He was their chosen God. Those “professionals” had seeekers many who would be stigmatized as false prophets. This is a thorough survey of men throughout history who have applied themselves to figuring out the meaning of life and the world. They used the words “mouth” and “nabi” interchangeably.

The Seekers by Boorstin, Daniel J

Kirkegaard was opposed to philosophical constructs but an early proponent of what is called existentialism. I just can’t help but wish there were more historians with the ambition and the voluminous seeiers to write stuff like this.


Boorstin once again shows that his ability to present challenging ideas, coupled with sharp portraits of great writers and thinkers, remains unparalleled.

It may serve as an interesting read for those who think they know the story of Western thought to broaden their knowledge and flesh out some of the more recent developments. It was this transformed role that opened the way to the discovery of belief, toward the self-consciousness that awakened people to their freedom to choose, and their responsibilities for choice.

Gergen, David Online Newshour: The fall of Jerusalem in B. Once again, a very detailed and densely written history but the amount of information is amazing and well worth the time. Hegel operates under the belief that history is about thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Our English “prophet” from the Greek:

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