A more advanced follow up program for graduates of Bootyful Beginnings. The most significant difference vs. Bootyful Beginnings is that the rep. Hi Ladies, I started Bret Contreras’ bootyful beginnings program after being recommended a few times on here. As I’m sure quite a few of you. A collection of workouts created by Samantha R. in Workout Trainer for the iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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Bootyful Beginnings

I actually did the exercises in order as written, but I did them as straight sets. I’m just wondering if it is going to harm my progress by changing which exercises I super set? One other thing I’ve noticed is that after my workouts, I’m feeling it most in my lower back and I don’t know if this is to do with my form.

Do you suggest doing this before every glute workout BrotherWolf? Most important is that you keep training. I also will use a resistance band around my knees at times for RDLs, hip thrusts and squats since pressing out with my knees helps me feel it. You alternate the workouts a-b-a-c begimnings.

Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. Apologies if this comes across ignorant. Can I do these out of order? Did you still see considerable progress when performing them as straight sets? I just do straight sets.


Thanks everyone it really is appreciated. My only thought on the order is that I have a feeling you should always do the first exercise first.

Bootyful Beginnings – Workout Collection – Workout Trainer by Skimble

Personally I started adding weight because doing squats without weight was slowly killing my soul. The truth is I should have listened to my original personal trainer and never given up barbell bridges and step ups when I switched to SL 5×5, but I was woo’d by the simplicity. The moderators also do private form checks should you feel uncomfortable about posting a public video.

If you’re feeling your lower back, watch that as it’s likely form causing that. Have a question or suggestion about possible changes to the subreddit? I hope I’m not doing anything wrong. All of that is consistently improving even after just two weeks. Will it be an issue if I was to superset the glute march with the squat and then th seated row with the incline press? Is it just the fact that they allow for a more intense workout?


I never do the supersets, because yeah I go to a small gym. I wasn’t strong enough to be squatting the weights I was squatting and I just kept ignoring all the signs. Last edited by BrotherWolf; at I think that bootyvul the case, if in doubt ask Brett.

My gym is 24 hours and constantly busy as it is based in a student area. DaniGirl03 10 months ago MeandYou: Originally Posted by halexis I’ve seen loads of articles like “superset for super size” “superset for ultimate growth” but I’m trying to understand if it will really make that boohyful of a difference. Remember weight loss is not always the motivation for fitness, and is not always the right answer. Be respectful of others on the subreddit, and please report comments that violate the rules for review.

A small complaint, I know, but I’d rather hump the air more privately in a body-weight area rather than near the weight machines. The last time I strictly followed a program I saw progress so quickly in my upper body but it seems a bit slower this time.