Buy Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Professional Metal Detector, LED Display . Browse our latest cable-metal-stud-detectors offers. Free Next Day Delivery. manual// Just make sure you get the professional blue model (DMF 10 zoom) not the similar looking.

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When the battery indication k flashes, measuring is still possible for approx.

To localise the object precisely, press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed while repeatedly 3x moving the measuring tool over the object. Si l’on n’appuie sur aucune touche sur zopm de mesure pendant env.

MarkieSparkieOct 20, If there are any metal inclusions in the material being scanned, then a continuous signal is indicated in the measuring indicator f. B Saque la pila del aparato de medida si pretende no utilizarlo durante largo tiempo. When the signal tone is switched off, the switched-off audio signal indicator j appears on the display. The “AutoCal” calibration indicator g and the illuminated ring 1 go out. Operating Instructions B On condition of the principle, the measuring values can be impaired through certain ambient conditions.

Inserte la pila suministrada.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page of )

During the scan, the felt pads 8 must always have contact with the structure. Surely there’s one decent cable locator on the planet? Greenhills Road Tallaght-Dublin 24 Service: I look after my gear and it doesn’t get thrown around, so not sure of what’s going on.


No, create an account now. Marking Objects Detected objects can be marked as required. Abgebildete Komponenten Die Nummerierung der abgebildeten Komponenten bezieht sich auf die Darstellung des Messwerkzeuges auf der Grafikseite. After moving over the same area several times, the wooden object can be indicated quite accurately: For this, press the metaldetection button 6 and the wood-detection button 5 at the same time. Ne pas enlever les glisseurs en feutre 8 se trouvant sur le dos de l’appareil de mesure.

This site uses cookies. Managed to get it to find one out of four cable drops to light switches. Sie erkennen diese Bereiche in der Funktion Metallsuche.

The “Zoom” measuring indicator e is inactive when scanning for wooden objects.

If the measuring tool should fail despite the care taken in manufacturing and testing procedures, repair should be mannual out by an authorized after-sales service centre for Bosch power tools.

Do not use cleaning agents or solvents.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page 11 of )

Desplace repetidamente el aparato de medida sobre la superficie para localizar con mayor exactitud el objeto de madera. D,f sich das Messwerkzeug in der Funktion Metallsuche, dann wird die Betriebsbereitschaft durch einen Haken hinter der Kalibrierungsanzeige ,AutoCal” g bosc.

Wipe away debris or contamination with a dry, soft cloth. When having placed the measuring tool onto the surface to be scanned under which a wooden object is coincidentally located, and having moved it over the surface, the measuring indicator f, the arrow below maunal “Zoom” function indicator d and the illuminated ring 1 flash red.


Position the measuring tool onto the surface to be scanned and move it sidewards. Now the illuminated ring 1 lights up green, the “AutoCal” calibration indicator g is displayed again, the “Zoom” function indicator d as well as the arrow below it go out. Observe only the zoom measuring indicator e for the scan.

Concrete or similar ducting to negate mm dig. Detecting Wooden Objects When scanning for wooden objects, press the wood-detection button 5. The measuring indicator f has the greatest amplitude over the centre of the wooden object. MurdochOct 6, Only for EC countries: The “Zoom” measuring indicator e has the greatest amplitude over the centre blsch the metal object. The “Zoom” function indicator d appears in the display.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 192

Introduire la pile fournie. MurdochOct 19, The wood detection indicator vmf b and the “Zoom” function indicator d are indicated in the display and the arrow below the “Zoom” function indicator d flashes. Lighting in old conduit drops? RockingitOct 8, If none of the measuring tool buttons are pressed for approx.

Different depths of plaster? If required, wipe the measuring tool dry using a cloth.