Dinion IP Camera NBC en Installation and Operation Manual Dinion IP Camera Table of Contents | en 3 Table of Contents 1 Safety 8 Safety precautions. CCTV | NBC Dinion IP Cameras. Dinion IP cameras With a 1/3 inch color CCD and Bosch·s advanced digital Bosch·s innovative tri streaming feature. Bosch NBCP VGA Ready to Use C/CS Mount Box shape Network CameraVAC or 12 VDC or PoE, Manufacturer: Bosch, Category: IP & Megapixel.

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Profiles are rather complex. Test e-mail Click Send Now to test the e-mail function. To do this, bosdh an account with DynDNS. Its primary function is to encode video and control data for transmission over an IP network. These will later be displayed as a single entry in the table.

The following resolutions are available: P-frame quality This setting adjusts the maximum image quality of the P-frames.

Click Sync to PC to apply the system time from your computer to the device. Gain When the gain mode is On, the camera automatically sets the gain to the lowest possible value nbc-455-11o for a good picture. A communication interface for third party control, firmware upgrades, and service purposes for camera and DVR products. This unit is intended to operate with a limited power source. Upload one or more certificate files, one at a time, to the camera. Click Generate to fill the table with the preset values from the camera.

IP address Enter the desired IP address for the camera. Click Stop to deactivate the recording schedule. Click Start to start recording or Stop to end recording. The activated masked areas are filled with the selected pattern in live view.


Bosch NBCP IP Camera Installation Guide – Use-IP |

The darker the observation area, the higher the value that must be selected. Four independent areas, fully programmable Video Motion Analysis: Activate recording After completing configuration, activate the recording schedule and start recording.

nhc-455-11p The image rate in ips images per second is displayed next to the slider. Video resolution Select the desired resolution for the video image.

Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol bisch. Alarm recording Select the Pre-alarm time from the list box. Once the upload is complete, the new configuration is activated. If a storage medium is already being used by another user, decouple the user and connect the drive to the camera. These overlays can be enabled individually and arranged on the image in a clear manner. Depending on the analysis type selected and the relevant configuration, additional information overlays the video image in the preview window next to the parameter settings.

Recording 1 corresponds to Stream 1, Recording 2 corresponds to Stream 2. Number of destination IP address Boscy the numbers of the IP addresses boscn be contacted in the event of an alarm. This is the only way to ensure that the camera will function as intended in the event of an alarm.

Device time zone Select the time zone in which the system is located. Disappearing edges The area selected in the reference image should contain a prominent structure. This enables live streaming and recording of H. This setting is independent of the sensor fields selected under Select Area. Use this data or create nbc-455-11o time saving data, if required.


An animated graphic is seen when recording is taking place.

Bosch NBC-455-11P VGA Ready to Use C/CS Mount Box shape Network Camera-24VAC or 12 VDC or PoE

You require a serial transmission cable with a 9-pin Sub-D plug to connect to the computer. When connected to any of these systems, many of the camera configuration parameters are controlled by the system and not by the settings made via a web browser connected to the camera. Click a tab to edit the corresponding profile.

Shielded audio connection cable is advised. Including metadata could make subsequent searches of recordings nbbc-455-11p but it requires additional memory capacity. Do not interrupt the firmware installation. A variant of twisted pair cabling, UTP cable is not surrounded by any shielding. In MPEG video encoding, a group of pictures, or GoP, specifies the order in which intra-frames and boscn are arranged. Observe the processor load and optimize the encoder settings or the VCA settings if necessary, or turn off VCA completely.

However, it is then necessary to use a different port in each case so that multiple data streams are not sent simultaneously using the nbc-55-11p port and multicast address. Depending on the configuration, various text overlays may be visible on boschh live video image. The algorithm properties have the following settings: Shutter — Fixed – fixed mode is used with manual iris lenses.

Enter the password for the selected level.