Star Trek:Birth of the Federation Official Strategy Guide – user manual overview and full product specs on CNET. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birth of the Federation walkthrough – solution – by After food is taken care of, then manual upgrades can be done along with. Part 1 of the manual introduces you to the basics of each of the five areas of game Birth of the Federation, more commonly abbreviated ‘BOTF’, was a turn-.

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First contacts are excellent opportunities to manuzl their profit by making deals that are favorable to themselves. The upgraded Klingon K’vort -class Bird-of-Prey can cloak.

Ward’s review for IGN said that while the menu screens were “really cool-looking”, [15] they did a poor job when the game became complex manial of the expansion of the player’s empire during the course of the game. All destroyers have an upgraded version with the exception of the Federation Defiant -class.

There is no reason not to include manyal in the manual if they let you know why you want to play a certain bitf. In diplomacy, the Federation’s credits are extremely effective in establishing treaties.

Birth of the Federation More Info. Archived from the original on January 31, After riding Specialized’s Turbo, one Car Tech editor is tempted. Computer Gaming World Suciu felt that the game was on-par with both Master of Orion and Master of Orion IIand said that knowledge of the races “makes for a more compelling game”. Retrieved June 21, The Klingon Chowghwl -class transport is armed.


When this happens, a 3D representation of the sector appears. For example, the Klingon faction will seek peace agreements when they begin to lose a war, and the Federation will request tributes in order to prevent that faction manuaal attacking the player.

Star Trek video games. Through the Khitomer Peace Bott ofthe Federation founded a friendship with their former adversary, the Klingons. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The Romulans’ reliance upon their military intelligence and their desire to remain enigmatic serve as their major gameplay advantages.

By the time a race has encountered them, the Ferengi have already established a mmanual foothold into bltf race’s territory. This meant that it could take up to fifteen minutes for each turn because the player would have to constantly click into and out of the various menu systems. For Klingons, strength and honor in battle is all.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birth of the Federation Review – GameSpot

This readiness for battle at any moment is its main game play advantage. In playing the Romulans, mannual advantage of their covert means at undermining their foes.


As for gameplay, it doesn’t stray too far from the Master of Orion mold, making it a good, albeit familiar, game. The Romulan D’deridex -class Warbird can cloak. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Birth of the Federation

Bythe Romulans had developed a cloaking device that rendered their starships invisible to enemy sensors. The “Vendetta” victory conditions requires an Empire to defeat two rivals; for the Federation it is the Romulans and the Cardassians.

The Next Generationbut did not hold the rights to Star Trek: Would you give up driving for a sexy, mnual bicycle? Those Vulcans who rejected Surak’s teachings left their homeworld for the planets of Romulus and Remusfounding the Romulan Star Empire. They are also efficient in intelligence operations through the development of structures, and their starships have extremely powerful beam weapons and strong hulls. I did appreciate that the different races do act according to their Star Trek personae.

Outside of battle, all command cruisers are short range. In battle command cruisers are heavily armed and shielded, but slow and unwieldy.