Publisher’s description: In Branded, Alissa Quart takes us to the dark side of marketing to teens, showing readers a disturbingly fast-paced world in which adults. Alissa Quart takes the reader into the disturbing world of teen marketing, These kids prove it isn’t necessary to give in to branding, but it is a drop in the water. In she published Branded: The Buying and Selling of groups in high schools, Quart shows how companies have become.

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That didn’t happens to me because I still see them the same way I saw the youth before. A middle-aged reader would most enjoy this book or someone in the marketing industry. At points the information the author wrote was a little intriguing. Sep 03, Nikki Barth rated it it was ok. Because I Was a Girl.

American Society of Magazine Publishers website. A Little Bit Married.

Oct 25, Dalena rated it really liked it. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Recommended for those interested in early marketing to the young adult market, before the absolute explosion of social media.

Alissa Quart – Wikipedia

Chilling, thought-provoking, even darkly amusing, Branded brings one of the most disturbing and least talked about results of contemporary business and culture to the fore-and ensures that we will never look at today’s youth the same way again. The information was helpful in learning about how the clothing and product industry markets to teens, but the author’s own perspective was taken too far, making this a weakness. It’s interesting to read this book — published in — now. Discover what to read next.

It makes me want to go crazy. Published February 19th by Basic Books first published January 1st Overall I think Quart does a solid job of deconstructing the vast arenas of branding in young people’s lives – I agreed with about half of her findings.


This book states facts about society that may manipulate the youth and how marketers will try to appeal to them. Grades and college, we learn, are only for the branded masses. I think it made me the relatively brand-unconscious person I am today.

But then the book begins to nose dive Marie Claire published her features on a neurodiverse activist and sexual harassment in the tech world.

At the end of the book, Alissa Quart describes the certain population of teens that choose a name for themselves. Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall. Archived from the original on We Were Feminists Once. Teenagers not only play ball in gyms rimmed with logos but also spend their English classes coming up with advertising slogans for sponsors, all under the auspices of their so-called public schools.

Laissa one point she actually moans, “As so many girls do now, I might also trade my clumsy, inverted bookishness, body obscured under a plaid shirt that smells like patchouli and dust, and hair hanging blackly over my eyes for what would appear on the surface to be radiant, adult sexuality”.

In Branded, Brznded Quart illuminates the unsettling new reality of marketing to teenagers, as well as the quieter but no less worrisome forms of teen branding: Other people on goodreads have written their views on how they disagree with the author and say it is poorly written. Branded is, if nothing else, interesting and somewhat insightful.

The worst offenders seem to be those that use focus groups and online clubs to get influential kids to spread the word about a particular brand. My biggest issue with this book though was my goodness did it need a better copy editor — it was so unbelievably rife with copy errors e.

Stating that certain clothes you own make you you or getting surgeries also define you. Feb 04, Chaewon Park rated it it was ok. They willingly do it. The Buying And Selling Of Teenagers, Alyssa Quarts analytical approach to her book regarding the branding and selling of teenagers opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding the world of television, advertisements, literary arts, and more.


Mar 21, Luna rated it it was ok Shelves: One strategy that would have been more appealing if Quart had implemented it in her writing, would have been to input graphs and pictures that would have provided her readers with a better representation of the argument she was trying to emmitt. I found this book while reading brajded article in class and wanted to read it as soon as possible.

Sure, I have worn more expensive brands, but they were all purchased second-hand at thrift stores.

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The book received generally favorable reviews. The following self-branding section is even more absurd. She discusses marketing in schools, from Channel One to soda machine contracts to full-on corporately-owned schools. Another thing I found really interesting was the part about the branding of education.

Women From the Ankle Down. Sep 21, Rebecca rated it liked it Shelves: Whilst reading each chapter on how the world implements branding within teenagers, I couldn’t agree more with the arguments she put into view. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The first section deals with all of the ways kids are interacting with marketers directly through focus group How I Came To Read This Book: Last Season of Innocence.

I was digging around my sister’s closet for my books and came across it. A new documentary about AIDS is the best one in the past few years”.