Buy Organische Chemie I: Grundlagen, Stoffklassen Reaktionstypen by Eberhard Breitmaier (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Organische Chemie: Grundlagen, Stoffklassen, Reaktionen, Konzepte By Eberhard Breitmaier, Günther Jung. About this book · Get Textbooks on Google Play. Eberhard Breitmaier has 15 books on Goodreads with 14 ratings. Eberhard Breitmaier’s most popular book is Organische Chemie: Grundlagen, Stoffklassen, Re.

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Chemical and biological approaches for understanding form and function Curr Opin Chem Biol. Imines, enamines, oximes, hydrazones Nitroalkanes and nitroalkenes Rearrangement reactions Organometallic compounds and transition metal catalysis Recommended Textbooks: This well-established textbook on biocatalysis provides a basis for undergraduate and graduate courses in modern organic chemistry, as well as a condensed introduction into this organischs.

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Wirth, Syntheseplanung — aber wie? Heterocyclic Communications 5 4 Arkivoc 2 2 Synthesis and quantum-chemical studies Chem-Eur J 5 10 Chemo- regio- diastereo- and enantio-selectivity Biological properties of enantiomers, pro’s and con’s of isolated enzymes versus whole cells Enzyme mechanisms, coenzymes, enzyme sources hydrolysis reduction oxidation formation of C—C bonds addition and elimination-reactions halogenation and dehalogenation glycoside-synthesis rearrangement reactions Special techniques: Scriver, Charles, Beaudet, Arthur, L.

Fattorusso Naplesprof. The use of biocatalysts, employed either as isolated enzymes or whole microbial cells, offers a remarkable arsenal of highly selective transformations for state-of-the-art synthetic organic chemistry. He is regularly consulted as referee by international journals and by national and international Committees for evaluation of research projects.


This new edition also emphasizes the use of enzymes in industrial biotransformations with practical examples. Over the last two decades, this methodology has become an indispensable tool for asymmetric synthesis, not only at the academic level, but also on an industrial scale.

Hoffmann P, Sandhoff K, Marsh D Comparative dynamics and location of chain spin-labelled sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine in dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine membranes studied by ESR spectroscopy Biochem. Acta 82, Electrochemical and spectroscopic properties New J.

The Elk Crew—Biocatalysis at the University of Graz

Diastereoselective synthesis of carbohydrate-derived spirocyclic 2-oxacyclohexylidene chromium and tungsten complexes J Organomet Chem, Biosynthesis and degradation Glycoscience: Retrosynthetic concept by Corey Reactions and interconversions of functional groups Controlled synthesis Protecting group techniques Recommended Textbooks: Asymmetry10, Isolation, Structure Determination and Biological Properties.

Oggi18 9 A practical method for inducing structural changes in peptides by beeitmaier of cyclic amino acid derivatives Abstract Papers American Chemical Orbanische Roussakis NantesO.

In addition to the organocatalytic and metallocatalytic methods also biocatalytic options will be discussed.

Deslipping of Rotaxanes Angew. Synthesis, Chirality, and Absolute Configuration Chem.

Lin National University of Singapore – Singaporeprof. Home Featured Authors Corrado Tringali.

New Chiral Macrocyclic Di-imines Containing Tetrapyrrole and Tripyrrane Subunits

Breitmayer BonnM. Recent developments in aptamer technology.

New Organixche Di-imines by Cyclization of 1,9-Bis 5-formylpyrrolyl dipyrrins breigmaier Porphyrinoid Di-imines by Cyclization of 1,9-Bis 5-formylpyrrolyl dipyrrins with Arene-1,2-diimines and Hydrazines Synthesis He has been trained at the laboratories of proff.


Chemical, Organische Chemie5. J of Organometallic Chemistry Molecular structures and theories of chemical bonding Alkanes and cycloalkanes—Properties, nomenclature, types of isomerism Reactions of alkanes and cycloalkanes Haloalkanes and their reactions: The photo on the left was taken in the suburbs of Dijon France and shows my interest in wine polyphenols Subjects Chemistry.

Thieme E-Journals – Synthesis / Abstract

Introduction into the planning of organic synthesis from easily obtainable starting materials synthons:. Organic Letters 2 5 Short oral presentations by PhD students at the Institute of Chemistry, lectures of invited guests.

Rotenberg USAA. The molecular and cellular basis of neurodegenerative disease The Neuroscientist, 6 4 After a basic introduction into the use of biocatalysts—principles of stereoselective transformations, enzyme properties and kinetics—the different types of reactions are explained according to the ‘reaction principle’, such as hydrolysis, reduction, oxidation, C—C bond formation, etc.

Davies, Blackwell Sciences,S. Potential neuroblastoma imaging agents J Med Chem 42 16 Five principles of asymmetric synthesis will show the development of the field over the past few decades.

The Trapping Method Chem. A Bis pretzelane and a Tetrakis rotaxane Synthesis10, A Photophysical Study Chem. ActaPhys,