Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II. Launched on June 22, , it was just the. I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions. With a family to. Hello! I’m looking to trade for Brickmania Instructions. I’ll trade for anything, but here are my preferred models I’m looking for: Mark A.

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Brickmania building instructions

Notify me when available. The thing is, people are selling Lego instructions on Bricklink, sometimes not even the original but a scanned version, and people are likewise selling used Lego sets.

There really isnt a huge amount of financial rewards for what I’m doing so must speak out to defend what little bgickmania I actually have coming to me. Best of luck nipping this thing in the bud! Of course, again, this cuts both ways. I am not a lawyer, just an avid collector of “intellectual property” information, but even if I was, actions aren’t absolutely legal or illegal until a court of law says they are on inatructions case-by-case basis, so don’t take anything I say to be legal advice or to be binding.

I’ve seen a lot of that going on with custom decals and most recently, people stealing pictures of entire MOCs to claim as their own in contests. You can stop reading and ignore everything below if this isn’t the case. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Operation Barbarossa – Building Instructions Reference: Example of the building instruction: Brivkmania other words it is not OK to use my instructions.


Building instructions for the Instructions in this volume are: If you need another goon let me know! Your work is amazing! However, what I’m saying is that once the kit and instructions leave your hands, you no longer have a say in what happens to those items.

It’s not surprising on a certain level, but it is disappointing that while everybody shares the same enjoyment of building with Lego bricks, the same can’t be said when it comes to having respect for others’ works.

T34-85 85mm Tank – Building instructions

With this in mind I am outlining my position on reproducing Brickmania’s kits and instructions. Sign in Already have an account? Be the first to write your review!

Quantity Instructiions minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. I’ve found that a certain part of the population has no respect for the work of others and won’t hesitate to misuse it. That seems quite serious, who has been selling these?

The wide open plains of Ukraine and Russia were ideal tank country, with which most of the battles were waged. Posted June 7, Building instructions for the construction of your own T 85mm Tank You are purchasing a professionally PDF instructions, s o the assembly of the set will as easy as 1,2,3 ;- After you ordered the buildinginstructions you will recieve from us the buildinginstructions as well as a XML list and an Excel instructiosn for each model.

Posted June 9, I have recently resigned my “real job” in order to fully concentrate on the new generation of Brickmania kits and instructions.

My humble advice, if you will hear it, is to pay attention to the market.

An absolutely ridiculous situation. For more information please see our Shipping Conditions. T 85mm Tank – Building instructions Reference: Posted June 8, I’d suggest you start with the kits you’ve discontinued and are still in demand, but such business decisions are up to you. In this case I politely ask that credit be given for my design and a link provided back to http: EDIT – Hope that didn’t sound rough Instructionx June 7, edited.


Hey there Brickmania, sorry to hear that people are taking credit for your work. That’s not only against the law, but I find such actions to be morally reprehensible.

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If the market demands for brickmaania, I brickkania advise that you sell instructions separate from the kits. I hope this all gets resolved soon, and you can start getting all the credit you deserve. No one on here I hope? Fortunately, it isn’t a large group, but it doesn’t take many to do the damage.

Building Instructies –

Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Most folks have been overwhelmingly supportive as this thread has shown.

My instructions and kits are intended for the end-user to build a model of my design for their own personal use and enjoyment. It really is a shame to see instructione happening and good luck. It could be of a few reasons: Launched on June 22,it was just the beginning of the most epic and costly battles in human history.