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Oumps was the first Italian company in the farming machinery sector to Counsel for the Respondents: Using the parts codes currently used by them in relation to the offending pumps; or. Filter presses with manual and automatic plate shifting and plate sizes from x to x It had ceased to be any kind of competitor at all since and it was only during November that a letter was addressed to the First Respondent on behalf of the attorneys acting on behalf the Applicant to address the issue of broqueh off.

It is submitted that as a matter of law it cannot do this. Parts codes currently used by them in relation to the offending pumps; or. Pulp and Paper Industry With our unique hard-facing alloys we can reach optimum results. I would like to answer later Participate now!

It is submitted that public policy has set its face against the monopolisation of functional shapes in the absence of statutory protection such as a design registration or patent protection. The performance graphs and other works covered by the order in a in relation to the offending pumps.

BROQUET : CONTACT (US) – Broquet Pumps

Although the basis of the pump remained broauet same this is not due to any unique feature thereof as the pump in question has been in the public domain for approximately 30 years and its basic mould and features can be accessed on the internet.


It is trite law that an application for an amendment should as a rule be granted unless the prejudice to the other party is of broquey a nature that the proposed amendment should not be granted. This is a selection of The amendment addressed facts that were fully canvassed in the affidavits and consist of an additional argument that may avail the Applicant based on the papers filed.

It follows that the get-up which the competing trader cannot relates to the non-functional elements only. Gear pumps Boquet Centrifugal pumps Submersible pumps pumps for acids. Using the performance graphs and other works covered by the order in a in relation to the offending pumps. I conceive the position to be that brosuet can then go to the patents office and get a copy of the specifications.

Nos marques partenaires

It is also claimed that the MP pumps had undergone significant changes from the original Broquet pumps the most notable of which is that stainless steel is used in its manufacture as opposed to ductile iron and mild steel, a wear plate was introduced and the direction of flow was configured to go both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Dosiertechnik GmbH manufactures systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, filling and emptying medium to high-viscosity fluids.

Gear pumps Pumps Pump-driven power stations, installations and equipment Centrifugal pumps Submersible pumps. As noted in the locus classicus in the field, Schultz v Butt: Gear pumps commercial gear pumps commercial gear pumps. According to him First Respondent provides professional engineering services to various broqueet including the sugar industry.

Broquet Pumps

The Applicant brought a substantive application for condonation for its late filing of this affidavit and this application was likewise opposed by the Respondents. In the event of an enquiry in terms of prayer d above being ordered and the parties being unable to reach agreement as to the future pleadings to be filed, discovery, inspection or other matters of procedure relating to the enquiry, an order authorising either of or any party to make application to this Honourable Court for directions in regard thereto; and.


Gear pumps Pumps Pump-driven power stations, installations and equipment Piston pumps Centrifugal pumps.

In that case, the court made it clear that the boat hull which had been reversed engineered by Schultz was in the public domain and that there was nothing confidential about it. Competition is fundamental to our economic system. The court went on, however, to make clear that the question in that case as in this case is: But it is not limited to unlawfulness of that kind. It is this decline in business that caused the Applicant to launch investigations and to determine, probably correctly, that the decline in pumpa was due to the activities of the First Respondent.

Do you sell or make similar products? On behalf of the Respondents, by way of example, heads of argument were filed to cater for each of the objections taken. Company that works in the field of gears and mechanical engineering.

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