I first learned the power of questions from Barry Neil Kaufman, author of To Love Is To Be Happy With. “Bears,” as he likes to be called, teaches that you can. This is the first recording of Bruce Di Marsico to be released by his widow, Deborah Mendel. Bruce created the Option Method in In this live recording . The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on the Option Method & Attitude, Vol. 1 [ Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh.

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Above all, Bruce created the Option Method to help people help themselves to find their deepest wisdom and happiness. To mareico sure, he had an inimitable style of presenting Option and of querying people about their unhappiness. Near the beginning of our friendship Bruce came to my house for dinner.

They can be explored and released. He was down to earth. A special word of thanks to Jeffrey Pease for allowing us to re-publish them.

To see him interact on a personal individual level with a student or friend was always a joy and many times, an awesome experience.

Available as individual volumes or as a complete set at DialoguesinSelfDiscovery. Where would I end? Nearer the end of our time together in physical reality on planet earth, I went to visit Bruce at his house.

Then my friend Anne Grete arrived to pick me up. Find out more about the audio CD. He said he wanted me to know how he worked. A powerful man with a profound gift. It was not obligation, just part of his joy of being with people that he cared about and talking about what he enjoyed most talking about: If you want to go really deep, amrsico from the man credited with coming up with the process both Bears and Mandy use today: He had one simple truth to tell but each time he explained it, it was as if he had just breathed life into it for the first time.


They may feel like facts, but beliefs are mental judgments we made up at some point for a variety of reasons. Any sense of judgment will shut down your willingness to explore. Jerry and Ether Hicks, of Abraham fame, took up the ball that Maesico started, but for me and many others it all goes back to Seth.

Initially I balked at the great chasm of awe that his presence represented, but being with him, like a flower in the presence of the sun, I felt the fullness of that freedom without restriction for the first time.

Unceasing, constantly moving, more marsco more happy. Doubts dissolved and only the singularity of the truth of happiness remained, lighting up the room I was in with him and then all the places great and small within myself. I studied with Bears in and still reflect back on what I learned from him.

There were tears in my eyes. I never spent time with Bruce without uncovering another unhappy assumption.

The History of the Option Method as created by Bruce Di Marsico

PPS — This free new e-book can marsio you, too: It was an adventure to become gloriously entangled in the web of agreements and disagreements mxrsico him over this never ending feast of topics, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

You can now hear Bruce discuss the Option Method questions and reveal how asking these questions help uncover judgments and beliefs that stand in the marico of happiness. Option and Happiness are what I live, breathe and be and I am so utterly grateful to him. I owe much of my clarity to her, which led to much of my success. To learn more about Bruce and his teachings, contact Deborah Mendel.


They chatted about where she lived New Jersey and why. Life redirected me into writing books and coaching people through words. He loved to love. That of course can be anythingfrom what I heard to what I saw. Some of them were originally published in the IOMA newsletter. Since then the Option Method has been taught to teachers, psychologists, therapists, social workers, clergy and other Option Mafsico Master Teachers as an additional tool in their professions. He marsoco felt obliged to explain himself in the slightest, and yet he would spend whatever time it took to explore his motives and the responses of others in the service of helping them clarify some possible unhappiness they were experiencing.

Option Method Network

And I am so grateful for the abundant opportunities to find them and to watch them turn into sources of amusement before my wondering eyes. Bruce, it seemed, was much happier devoting his time to writing for his lectures and classes and spending time with his students. Bruce Di Marsico taught me mmarsico to be happy.

Now that you have the belief, or at least a belief to begin this process, you are ready to clear it. He was out of this world.

But there was something more profound for me. Anne Grete said she guessed she had stayed in Ulster County where she was born for so long because she was scared to leave. I heard them brucs.