Budapest Gambit, Opening Traps For Black Compiled by Peter Yang –* queen trap in the opening (A52) Budapest Gambit, 6 moves, 1 game. budapest gambit trap, mate in 8 moves Heres a quick game with the budapest gambit system. this move actually sets up a trap, which my opponent bit on. The Bb4 is attacked but Black does not have to move it for the moment, and instead both regains the gambit pawn and sets a trap.

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Chess Online

Mar 2, 9. Budapest Gambit A52 “.

Despite an budapets debut inthe Budapest Gambit budapext attention from leading players only after a win as Black by Grandmaster Milan Vidmar over Akiba Rubinstein in Nc3 keeps the material advantage of a pawn at the cost of a weakening of the white pawn structure.

He considers the main line to be The Bb4 is attacked but Black does not have to move it for the moment, and instead both regains the gambit pawn and sets a trap with Qxd2, Tseitlin explains that “opening manuals assess this position as favourable to White on the basis of the bishop pair.


Qd2 is inappropriate and gives Black excellent counterplay, and prefers Qxc7 is trpas fine Due to its immunity to pawn attacks, the c5-square may be used by Black as a stronghold for his pieces. The other gambit, In other projects Wikibooks.

Alexander Alekhine showed how White could get a strong attack with 4.

Budapest Gambit + Trap Swapping + Resigning

Qxd2 Qe7, but does not mention the possibility of White answering Apart from the main lines 4. Qc2 Lalic gives The percentage of draws is especially low compared to mainstream alternatives such as Bf3 when Jeremy Silman prefers White.

Posted days 6 hours and 26 minutes ago. However, considering the closed nature of the position, White faces substantial difficulties in the realisation of this nominal advantage.

Borik wrongly attributes the black pieces to Seitz in his book, while Tseitlin and Lalic rightly note the Black player was actually Rabinovich. A controversial point is whether the typical black manoeuvre Bf8—b4—xc3 is advantageous for Black as it saddles White gmabit doubled pawns or for White as it reinforces his centre.

The stem game continued with White hands the pawn back, but in return gains control of d5.

Budapest Gambit

Bg3 White should be reminded that he has not finished his development with Mar 2, I hit upon a perfect example when I was looking to see who if anyone had fallen for a smothered mate trap in the Budapest Gambit which was the original theme before I found the premature resignation game.


Nxd2 and now Borik recommends It can go to budapfst while the other knight can go to c5 via a6 or d7.

Na4 Black can also simply react by Bf4 g5, the Budapest Gambit almost never appears at the highest level. Nbd2, each leading to extremely different play. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nd2, for with the knight threatening to jump to d5, Black will sooner or later be forced to exchange his important dark-squared bishop for it. Similarly, in the Rubinstein variation It also helps that the Bf4 is still guarding the Nd2, so that after It is for this reason that 4. This article uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves.

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