to meet you. If you are wondering where this is, take a look at cadstar, my “home”- page. Self Teach/ directory, then click [START]. You can . 4 PCB Design Self Teach Course. A Block Diagram Of The System. The complete CADSTAR system, including libraries, is shown below: The purpose of each. Re: CADSTAR tutorial or book. try the express tutorial on the zuken website. If you search then the self teach files are available too.

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With the Move tool selected, you can move any device in the design. It can also neck the last segment as it enters a pad.

You can use Backspace to remove the old value and then type in a new value. Desigining robotic kit using PIC16f 3. Turn off the Springback option. Select Items Instead of manually selecting individual components for placement, you can use the Select, Items dialog to select the required components in one operation.

Click on the Exit Directions value field for the top pin in the list. Notice how an item in the design becomes highlighted with a dashed outline and the status bar changes to describe that item. The Screen Grid setting allows you to have displayed a grid for visual guidance purposes. You would normally carry out your component placement tasks on your host PCB Design system – it currently contains a number of additional tools not found in P.


Self teach cadstar pdf –

Modifying your routes You can modify existing route segments using the Move tool. Toolbar Item Properties option on components In addition to the Query report available in the Utilities menu, you can get information about components and areas using the Item Properties option from the Toolbar.

Click next on the initial welcome screen and the following dialog is displayed. This is found in the Utilities toolbar.


You can set individual colours for some nets, thus helping you to identify critical nets in the design. The colour of the box tells you the level at which the attribute is set; the colour of the box matches the colours on the tabs. However, the display is often easier to read when connections are suppressed except when moving devices.


Editor XR have a Help button. Use the keyboard Zoom keys and compare the effect with what you have just seen with the Zoom icons. Summary of important points o Attributes allow you to control the behaviour of the router.

Self Teach.rar

Whichever variant you choose to run, P. Task – interactive dynamic component pushing A design can consist of many layers, each of which can have its yeach selection of colours. Notice how you can use the component to ‘herd’ components around the board. Editor XR to perform the pan and zoom functions.


In this description, the victim feach s are those being pushed by the dynamic component under the cursor: You can cancel the Push operation at any time by clicking on the right-hand mouse button. Editor XR marks the end of the route with the round target, indicating that a single press of the left-hand mouse button will now finish it off.

The levels available, showing the order of precedence, are: By default, the component is moved to the grid point to the bottom left of the device. This has several options appropriate to placing and positioning components. Heat sinks, Part 2: If the net has a width value specified for its Necked or Optimal width in the RIF data file, it will be routed to that width.

Crosstalk, Shield Route, Cadstwr. It enables sekf to transfer the settings from your previous installation into the new version.

The Testpoint Grid must also be equal to etach be a whole number multiple of the Routing Grid to ensure that testpoints are properly routed.

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