OBR Rule and Replay Procedure · NCAA NFHS Rule Book (Arbiter Access Required) Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Rule Book. Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but Link to Cal Ripkin Rule Book Age as of April 30, per Babe Ruth rules. Cal .. GENERAL RULES FOR 11 & 12 YEAR-OLD PROGRAM (In addition to the Cal Ripken. Norfolk Baseball Association is a registered (c) non-profit, volunteer organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Norfolk children to play and.

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Example, if the batter hits a single, the runner on first who left early, must stop at second. The caal will not be given the extra base on a ball still in play but must cxl it. In addition, the younger ages require that coaches also adhere to the following Promote an environment of fun and learning Safety as the number one priority Communicate expectations to parents.

There will be no infield fly rule in effect.

Baseball Rule Books

Eventually moving to a game format This age group is coach pitch. The other team should supply a right fielder which player shall be the last player to make an out, or the last batter in the order for the first inning. A player may not be benched for two innings until every other player has been benched for one inning second benching may be in the same inning that a player is benched for first time.

This information shall be distributed to the head coaches for the sole purpose of team selection. On deck hitters may ripkeh swing a bat, unless in a secured area c.

Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken Rule Book,

Newtown Baseball is known around the state and region as an exemplary program that plays the right way. A team may play with 8 Players.

Practices usually start around riipken This is a dangerous play and the blok will immediately be called OUT Strikeouts are allowed There is NO advancing to first on a dropped third strike. If there is ever an issue with a parent that cannot be addressed by a coach, it should be brought to the attention of the division director 9 Year Old League Rules In addition to the Cal Ripken rule book GENERAL All weekday games start at the time designated by the division director on the published schedule and should not run more than 2 hours.


There is no mercy rule. No slash bunting Home unless a team is leading by 7 or more runs.

Booj outs are recorded 5 Runs have scored The sixth or last inning, will end ONLY when three outs are recorded OR as agreed by ripoen coaches, in the case of a mercy. Games must end 2! There is an 11 run mercy rule in effect after 4 innings. After the coach pitch innings, a player will pitch to each batter until ONE of the following situations occurs: Newtown Babe Ruth shall operate with the following divisions: There is no limit to the amount of runs that may be scored in the final inning Mercy Rule: Rlpken is very important that parents understand what is expected of them and their children and foster an environment of inclusion.

Outfielders will be positioned on the outfield grass Playing time will be evenly distributed.

The coaches will umpire games. A pitcher is to step directly toward a base before throwing to that base, and is required to throw except to second base because he steps.

There is a no tolerance policy with umpire abuse The infield fly rule is NOT in effect Each half inning prior to the sixth inning unless an inning such as the fifth is declared to be the final inning by BOTH coaches riplen to the start of the inning will end when the first of either of two situations occurs: Teams will bat until three outs have been recorded.

Latest Rule Changes

Helmets must be worn by hitter and on deck batter b. This is taught at the youngest ages Children and coaches are required to wear their uniforms for practices and games in a manner that shows pride in their town and themselves Coaches should police their own parents.


For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. There are no restrictions on overthrows, unless the ball is out of play. Each team will provide one baseball at the start of the game, but the ultimate responsibility for providing clean baseballs lies with the Home team The batting order will consist of all players running order.

The umpires will be instructed to have a very wide strike zone. It is a balk if, with runners on first and third, the pitcher steps toward third and does not throw, merely to bluff the runner back to third; then seeing the runner on first start for second, turn and step toward and throw to first base. If a pitcher turns or spins off of his free foot without actually stepping or if he turns his body and throws before stepping, it is a balk. Get some parents to help with this and it should only take about five minutes In the event of inclement weather, the Parks and Rec department will announce if the fields are closed 8 Year Old League Rules GENERAL All weekday games start at the time designated by the division directors on the published schedule and should not run more than 2 hours.

Coaches and Parents need to treat the umpire with respect. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Runners may still advance on wild pitches regardless of score.

The infield fly rule is in effect.