New, first-time color facsimile. Vincenzo Capirola Lutebook Compositione di Meser Vincenzo Capirola gentil homo Bresano. ca. [Ms Newberry Library. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have . Identifier imslp-lutebook-capirola-vincenzo. Sheet Music – £ – Capirola Lute Book is a collection of seven lute pieces by Vinzenzo Capirola, arranged for guitar and edited by John W. Duarte.

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The Lute Appendix iv a In preparation for my forthcoming articles on the life and music of John Dowland for this series, I found myself….

I was assigned a seat by the window and was told “we’ll be out with it in a bit”. So back up, via an elevator this time, back to Maria’s desk.

Capirola Lute Book (Guitar)

Clearly Gombosi had done considerable work in researching Vicenzo Capirola’s life and family biographies, but the dry fact that his sister’s name had appeared on some obscure ducal tax record in or something of this nature was not of any real importance to me.

Is Music a Sport? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here After just a few minutes, Maria returns with a nondescript chocolate brown box, about the size of a child’s shoe box, hinged on one side.

We recorded items from Thomas Woode’s books, and very fine it was too. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Classical Guitar

On the plus side, I had heard Gombosi’s name many times but to the best of my knowledge this was my first reading of one of his articles. No idea when that would have been, as there is no indication of Vitale’s age given anywhere.

The thirteen ricercars of the book stylistically stand between the earliest, improvisatory examples and Francesco da Milano ‘s bok, which exhibit a more advanced imitative technique. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.

She directs me into a glassed-in room with many desks, and asks me to wait while someone else brings in the Capirola manuscript.

I called on Tuesday and confirmed that the Capirola book was indeed there. Music Printer to the King: So one is left with the impression of a bird “walking on the air” instead booi flying.

The compositions included probably date from around English records talk of a “phenomenal Brescian lutenist”, and there is a piece from the time called “The Duke of Somerset’s Dump,” which is virtually identical to one of the Padoanae in the Capirola book. November 29, at Spaces between the animals are filled with various flower nook shrubs or grasses.

This is a great article. It was first mentioned in the early s, and then around One can ponder what the history of this book has been.

Capirola, Vincenzo – Capirola Lute Book (Guitar)

I was wondering if you know exactly what that piece is? Bears also, not something normally associated with Italy but doubtless common enough in its time. Is this a valid speculation? Envelope 3, and all the subsequent ones except the last which holds the back leather cover, basically identical to the front onecontain the mother lode: Land estimated the manuscript to date from about It is approximately 8 inches long and 5 to 6 inches high I didn’t have a ruler with me, and exact dimensions are not important anyway.


The first envelope is actually a large piece of paper folded over several times, encasing what must have been the front cover.

Vitale prefaces his book with these words: I did gain an appreciation of Italian Renaissance miniature painting and book construction.

The so-called Capirola Lutebook is one of the most important sources of early 16th century Italian lute music.

The Capirola Lute Book « Walter Bitner

Nine AM on gray and misty Saturday, I was there. Brescia is an ancient city in Lombardy, about a hundred miles due west of Venice at the foot of lufe alps. There are many birds as well, peacocks and sparrows and robins. But it is an important source of English Country dance music, and many modern editions of it exist.