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My Turnigy 4S mAh 30C breaks down after 90sec. Now i have the problem, after flights with the 4s lipo that the ESC cutts off after 10 sec of full throttle I put the wires in the right and left sides in the fuselage, so the air can go through without any turbulences.

Sep 10, You have to need a better Lipo.

Mar 05, Otherwise he is not flying correctly Does it not start, or has no power more after the start? Without canards, the EF looks like a Mirage eurofigther Jul 29, If you run two controllers side by side in parallelthe amp draw from each motor carsin added together, so if one motor pulls 20 amps and the other 20 amps, the battery is seeing the sum, 40 amps.

Or will i fry my ESC’s??? May 12, I measured the Amps used on 4s static on full throttle, and it came out on 54 amps.

Carson Eurofighter Typhoon Impeller Powered Jet Stlye RTF Aircraft 505015

eurrofighter The twin EDF needs a lot of ampere to fly very well and fast. I have ordered a better moor mah lipo for it. Can i just use a heavier lipo?


The ones made to be placed on computer RAM modules are a nice size, they’ll suck some heat out of the controller and possibly keep it from cutting out. Sep 01, Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. If you went to 4S and got the plane to fly but still had the same capacity, the amp draw goes up from the higher voltage but the capacity is still low so you get short flights and maybe the speed controls cut because the amps are beyond their rating.

Going to a larger capactity battery of 3S would probably be the most successful solution, it would keep the amps low enough that the motor wouldn’t cut out from high amps but give you enough voltage under load to have more power. With moving canards, the EF flies much better in turns, but you have to test how the canards must be applied. Oct 03, Pusher Prop Jet Models. I’m not familiar with this airplane or it’s setup, just thought I’d point that out.


Sep 09, Sign up now to remove ads between posts. One way to add maybe some amp capacity to a speed controller is to add a finned heat sink. Sep 11, But the escs are 18 amps! Mar 26, This flight was from last wednesday Eurofighter EDF 5 min 24 sec.

I have this plane to. Global Fly Eurofighter Typhoon.

Do you covered the wires inside? Eurofighter von Carson 4 min 13 sec. I have built in an afterburner light. I fly mine with 3S 20C Turnigy Lipo, and have no problems to fly, weight is gr.

Carson Eurofighter Typhoon Impeller Powered Jet Stlye RTF Aircraft

Oct 06, In the power EF I had problems with the servo, so it crashes down two times. Any tips to get this plane flying again on 4s???? Jul 30, Another movie of my Power Eurofighter from yesterday. Eurofighter Typhoon – coming soon Oct 23, Oct 01, Sep 21, Remember Me Forgot Password?