Carte tehnica(maintenance). Transcript. 79>?6, -+:3>96?6. -+:3>96?6 / -+:3>96?6 0 -+:3>96?6 1 /7 7/-+ +6 79>93/ 7+8?+6¤. View and Download Daewoo MATIZ service manual online. MATIZ Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: My Daewoo Matiz este o mașină din clasa mini produsă de constructorul sud- coreean de automobile Daewoo din anul A înlocuit Daewoo Tico, care era o.

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D Improper the tire rotation.

D Repair the wiring harness. If an in- sary. The initial failure is purge, or fuel tank vapor line.

Daewoo Matiz – Wikipedia

Remove the strut bar from the vehicle. The drive axles use a Rzeppa—style joint on the out- semblies.

Install the speedometer driven gear assembly to transaxle housing. If the axial end play is above spec. D Remove the bearing plate 2. Does the relay operate? D Remove the shift lever 4. Repair or replace any ignition system components as needed. Disconnect the ground wire and the backup lamp switch connector.

Disconnect the lower radiator hose and drain the coolant. Knowing which spe- scan tool to observe fuel trim counts while the problem is cific cylinder s misfired can lead to the root cause, even occurring. Install in the reverse order of removal.


This the diagnostic fails.

Chiulasa si sistemul de distributie. DB D Press the inner wheel bearing into the wheel hub using the front tehnnica hub remover DW — and the front wheel bearing installer DW — 6.

Inner Hub Bearing D Tighten the oil level plug to NSm 26—40 lb- ft b. Remove the front exhaust pipe from the front muffler pipe. Evacuarea aerului din sistemul de franare.

D VR sensor output signal is higher than 0. Refer to Section 1B, Engine Mechanical. D Remove the reverse idle gear from the shaft. D Install the jack tehnkca the center of the fuel tank. Road test the vehicle at the speed of the complaint. D Low oil pressure. Installation should flow the removal procedure in re- verse order.

Car service manuals

Was your reseller not among the suggested ones? D Fuel level or change in tank pressure is less than or Disconnected or faulty fuel tank pressure sensor. D Position the third gear to the gear, bearing remover DW— Go to Step 9 Go to Step 10 1. Distributor distributes the high tension voltage induced defect is indicated. Install the brake drum. Replacement tires that are of original equipment quality will have their high and low spot marked in the same manner.


D Remove the gasket 6. D Loosening or damage of the D Replace the distributor rotor distributor rotor or the cap. Turn the ignition OFF. D Remove the brake fluid level switch locking system by the flathead screwdriver 1. D Remove the brake shoe retain spring cap 3.

D Install the side cover tehnia 1. Are all checks and repairs complete? D Remove the frame with the spacer 3. D Check the wear of hub and sleeve.

Remove the CKP sensor retaining bolt. D Adjust the ignition timing.

Daewoo Matiz Carte COMPLETA intretinere

Check the gasket for damage or crack. Disconnect the manifold absolute pressure MAP sensor connector and vacuum hose. D Remove the shift control cable E—ring 6.