Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Nintendo DS game in the Castlevania series. Players take on the role of Shanoa, a member of the Order of Ecclesia. Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall.

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Free him up and continue to the left. The edge of the platform just before the save room can be destroyed, so destroy it to get an Eisbein. Destroy it and absorb the Fortis Fio glyph.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Afterwards, take the top right door. In the middle of the map, you will get pass the path with some gaps and some skeleton enemies.

Immediately jump on the ledge near the entrance to get the G bag. When he fires arrows, attack the crossbow, you can deflect the arrows. Repeat the process and the boss will eventually yield.

BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide

Location the ground is already destroyed: After that, take the exit at the bottom. Dullahans drop the castlevaia powerful version of the rapier glyph called Vol Confodere. Once in full control of Shanoa, save your game. Head to the next room. Head right to the next room where a lady cat is found.


In the next room, defeat the summoned skeletons. Quest 2 – Medicinal Ingredients Needed – Requested item: Though she can collect several glyphs, she can only equip three glyphs at a time.

Save your game before the final boss. Check the Dark Room map here if you want to challenge it for now: There will be Yeti here but it will flee even if you try to attack it from a distance. These can instantly curse you, leaving your MP to zero until the effect wear off. Enter the room to the lower right to obtain the Valkyrie Mail from the chest. Hatred unleashes a cluster of energy Dominus 66 66 One piece of Dominus: Return to the previous room.

The better way is keep sliding to his back so you can gjide keep a short distance with him, even for the rest of the fight after you got the glyph as well, just wait until he does any move, you will have good chance to hit him.

WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Enter the cavern and grab the treasure inside. Continue to the right. Another move is fireballs attack, you must run, jump, and slide to dodge all of them.

Keep attacking the crystals on its knees. Absorb it and save your game to the left. Use the Arma Machina to break down all the moving spikes to unlock the treasure, which is a Fortune Ring.


Destroy the blocks near the entrance for the Temperance Ring to drop.

BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide | Castlevania Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As for the support glyph, you use Refectio. You’ll need to hit the red crystals on the boss’ knees as you start the battle. Get rid of the Ladycat first, then destroy the edge at the top left corner to get a Temperance Ring. Go to the left and slide to reveal a secret blue chest containing a Star Ring, then use Paries to enter the wall. wcclesia

Remember to slide underneath the boss if ever it starts to corner you in one side of the room. The first room to the left leads to a teleporter room while the one on the bottom left is a savepoint.

Use Paries to enter the wall, then exit to the first room. Glyph unions are special attacks capable of dealing more damage and effect. Destory the barrels and talk to him before he counts to Afterwards, take the top path to exit.

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