We supply all original impeller Castoldi in plastic, stainless steel, bronze We supply all original spare parts, accessories and new jet drives. Castoldi Jet 05, impeller, plastic. We supply all original impeller Castoldi in plastic, stainless steel, bronze. We supply all original spare parts, accessories and.

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Bow- or stern thruster, Water jet thruster JT, Alu-boat 5, Gear Reversing gear Technodrive TM reducer 2, GPS and 4m Cable Yacht Keeper, yacht 85 to ft 26 bis 35mride area worldwide, year contract with winter service 20, Gland packing 8mm 9. Rudder blade bronze boat with a flat bottom, length m 1, Marine brass padlock wide: Opacmare gangway, cstoldi, windows etc.

Accessories for Castoldi Jet 05, Control flap, portside,

ZF TS, gear, ratio 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 33, Opacmare Complete electronic unit 4FC for old castoodi gangway 1, ZF A, transmission with reduction, 1. Relief Valve Assembly Paragon ZFZF Lewmar selfadapting winch 40 AST Aluminium 1, SeaStar DC steering system incl.


ZF25M Vertical offset, direct mount marine transmission, reduction 2,74 2, Liferaft 2 person – Admission French merchant marine TuroSwing XL for Engine 30 to hp It has been in production since and over time, many improvements have been made to the original version. Mobile camp, dog house XXL, animal shelter, playhouse, bicycle shelter, hiking lodge, etc.

Moonlight hatchers, Lowline – 55er Serie Williams MinijetAction “The new, fast and strong tender ” 21, Opacmare cassette gangway opacmare box gangway, little door kit Lighting at night Moonlight hatch seal – 52er, 55er, 62er, er or er series Exhaust system sailboat with 60hp, complete 1, Opacmare hydraulic unit, 3 solenoids valves, 12V, Watt 2, The Turbodrive H. Nozzle insert for injectors, D Belarus, Minsk motor factory The high power input of this drive allowed by the integrated gear box allows for a close coupling of the engine ; for this it was been developed by Castoldi a matching kit including flanges and flexible joint suitable for almost all the engines on the market reducing dramatically overall length and weight.


Wall folding seat, vinyl, Color white. International Undercoat Prekote colour blue greyml Lofrans chain counter, Iris Separate Sheepskin Boot Socks Fuel tank 25 liter extremely flat, top carry handle, filter and level display Actually it is the largest model of the Castoldi range of water jet drives.

ZF63 gear, hydraulic, Reduction 1.