: Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World (): Catalina De Erauso, Michele Stepto, Gabri Stepto: Books. : Lieutenant Nun: Memoir of a Basque Transvestite in the New World (Audible Audio Edition): Catalina de Erauso, Michele Stepto – translator. Named a New York Times Book Review Notable Book of One of the earliest known autobiographies by a woman, this is the extraordinary tale of Catalina.

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At times Erauso either meets or serves some members of her own family–cousins, her aunt, even her father–who never recognize her. The convent where Catalina was held prisoner is now a museum. In Conception she assassinated the chief auditor of the city, for which she was locked in a church for six months. She also gained an amnesty from the laws against wearing male clothing. According to the text, he got into more than one fight and killed more than one man, and in one case was caught and condemned to hang.

Her father asked for information to find her, describing her physical appearance and the way she escaped from the convent.

Even taking into consideration the changing limits and definitions of what constitutes an autobiography, Vida y sucesos has more often than not been dismissed as one. In the next battle of Puren her captain died and she took command, winning the battle. Catalina de Erauso’s Shifting Identities,” originally published in L’Hommeavailable online through Eurozine click here.

This time Catalina had no letter of recommendation to get a new job, so he decided instead to join the army.

Retrieved 16 March Catalina wrote or dictated an autobiography which was first published in Paris in at the request of Joaquin Maria Ferrer, a second time in Barcelona in and for the third time in Paris, with illustrations by Spanish artist Daniel Vierge.

This document includes accounts from “witnesses” or others who knew Erauso. Real Academia de la Historia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. And there are questions about the authenticity of the memoir, which wasn’t published until the nineteenth century.


Thus, this unique first-person autobiographical narrative has been variously classified, critiqued, and dismissed over the last several centuries. There she met a doctor and professor Mr. Terrible People from History. Named a New York Times Book Review Notable Book of One of the earliest known autobiographies by a woman, this is the extraordinary tale of Catalina de Erauso, who in escaped from a Basque convent dressed as a man and went on to live one of the most wildly fantastic lives of any woman in history.

Because of her explosive character and the difficulty the nuns faced to control her, she was transferred to the Convent of San Bartolome de San Sebastian until she was 15, where the rules were much stricter.

Catalina de Erauso – Wikipedia

According to her autobiography, Catalina de Erauso was born lieutenatnalthough the surviving record of her baptism notes a date of just a small indication of the confusion about many of the details of her tumultuous, adventure-filled life. The third time he tried it, Catalina nailed his hand to the table with a dagger. After leaving the convent, Erauso has a series of adventures in a number of Spanish cities, serving a variety of masters in a variety of roles under a number of different names, including Pedro de Orive, Francisco de Loyola, Alonso Diaz Ramirez de Guzman and Antonio de Catzlina.

One of the friends lieuyenant killed, and Catalina wound up in jail again. During his confession and final Mass, he spat the communion into his hand and then appealed for sanctuary.

Retrieved 12 July She later returned to Sanlucar de Barrameda, where she found a job as a cabin boy on a ship. Praise A rollicking, swashbuckling tale.

After a brief time lieutemant Paita, she went to Zana. After having forced her to continue studying and attempted sexual abuse, Catalina took money from the doctor and met a mule driver and went to Valladolid with him.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Others argue that Erauso was actually a lesbian who used dress as a way to not attract attention from church authorities and to continue to be attracted to women.

At that point, she changed her identity. The reason that their accounts are different is for a few reasons. Catalina de Erauso, c. To prevent her execution she begged for mercy to Bishop Agustin de Carvajal, and confessed that she was actually a woman who had been in a convent. From an early age she took part with her father and brothers in the arts of warfare. If you want to know more about our chocolate chips, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


And two years later, happy, writing like mad, and active in the gay and lesbian group on campus, she stopped by my office one day to say thank you. At the time, cross-dressing was illegal in Spain and carried serious penalties. We are experiencing technical difficulties. In Chile she was welcomed by the secretary of the governor, who was her brother, Don Miguel de Erauso, but did not recognize her.

Lieutenant Nun

A new lawsuit forced her to take refuge in a church. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. She fabricated men’s clothing with the materials at her disposal, cut her hair and hid her habit. Feb 07, Buy. It’s said that she has also served her aunt without ever being recognized. Retrieved from ” https: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Once out of prison, she devoted herself to smuggle wheat and cattle on the orders of Juan Lopez de Arquijo.

Then she went to the city of Trujillo, where her master opened a store. The book was published in France in under the title of The Nun Lieutenant. In the port of Manta now Ecuadora strong wind destroyed the ship and she had to swim to save herself and her master.

This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat But, really, even if Erauso has exaggerated or even misrepresented some aspects of her life, what a life it was!