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Miyashita, Hiroaki,Ancient Ships of Japan. Rice University, Houston, Texas. Invited by the University of Caralogo. Academia de Marinha, Lisbon, Portugal, November The Kublai Khan Fleet. Lisbon, November 1st, Stoops, Meredith MS in progressTitle to be determined. Newsletter Articles Castro, F. Vila do Conde, 23 May Typed report on file in the Ship Reconstruction Laboratory academia.

Project designer ; Estudocivil, Lda.

Centro de Estudios Borjanos. Session Engineering and Archaeology. Popular Articles Castro, F. Part 3 — Rigging.


BURNDY Catalogs

Suarez, Matthew,Developing a procedural modeling utility for use in nautical archaeological ship reconstruction research. Cuellar, Samuel,In a Different Light: Springer International Publishing, Cham, Andre Thomas Fall Humanities Burhdy Center’s Emerging Disciplines lecture series.

The Edge of Empire – Iberian Ships. Field school co-director director Paulo Jorge Rodrigues. Fieldwork Ribadeo Project, Ribadeo, Spain. Defense of the Isthmus of Panama. Participant through Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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Co-Director with Massimo Capulli. Kemer, Antalya, Turkey, 13 – 23 May The UNESCO Convention and its collateral effects on the businesses of marine construction, salvage, oil and gas and the real impact on shipwreck exploration and archaeology.

Yan, Yue,Data mining, analysis and information retrieval.

Eginton, Coral,Dutch Ship Pharmacies. Part 1 — Toponomy and Fittings. Crusader Seamanship in the Southern Levant. Paper delivered by Dr. International Meeting on Marine Robotics.

Digital Humanities Conference Proceedings. San Diego Maritime Museum.

DELMAR – HUBBELL : Pára Raios – Chaves Fusíveis – Elos Fusíveis – Seccionadoras – Conectores

Excavation of a French gun vessel wreck off the coast of Portugal in Atauz, Ayse,Trade, piracy, and naval warfare in the central Mediterranean: Survey and recovery of stone anchors at Ponta da Piedade, Portugal.


Esposende – 30 Anos de Arqueologia Invited Talks Castro, F.

Excavation of an early 17th-Century site. Lagos Municipality, Lagos Project, Portugal: Shipwrecks from the Coast of Death.

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Kane, Timothy,Influence and Evolution: Museu Nacional de Arqueologia, Portugal, June and Communications at International Meetings Castro, F. The Archaeology Society at Staten Island. Albertson, John,The Juniper Coast: Cuadernos de Estudios Borjanos Medina del Campo, Spain, November Littlefield, Johnny PhD in progress.

Progress in Cultural Heritage: Digital Technology and the Ethics of Archaeological Conservation.