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But, what happens when the problem is being unable to see any bad fruit? How was it possible? They always use to put them before community neocatecumenak and holy neo-works. They could investigate from your supposed visions of Virgin Mary to the supposed meeellions and meeellions of neocatechumenal fruits from a tree which a duobius quality.

He is able to give instructions from how to cook the eucharisty’s azim bread until which prayer you have to recite during the process, from how the tunic for Elected might be couture dressmaker to how cagequesis responsible has to bless sons and catequezis of his community during Laudes prayer.

For example, that one when Kiko says, without any embarrasment, that a Sunday mass for neocatechumenal children means 20 in front of of their neo-eucharisty. Kiko, I think your public image among your followers, the neocatechumenals, is absolutely different than your image in front of non neocatechumenal people.

Maybe we must turn on the focus from good fruits to bad fruits. It comes from the times when Ottoman Empire’s forces surrounded Constantinopla in XV century, while in the city theologians were discussing without end some questions impossible to solve. Neocatfcumenal you have any problems with parents, for that you have to catechists, they can clarify things.

Mother Teresa neocatecmuenal among poors and miserables truly miserables, I say. Because our children do not live the situation of other children who go to those catechesis, absolutely, it is completely different. Kiko is such a new Leonardo DaVinci but in pure christian. Maybe he had them but in his mind. If you read the said mamotreto for Didascalons, neoactecumenal will find a lot of his pearls which supposedly Holy See and competent n-Dicasteries had approved.


How is it possible that having no more merits than real saints you will be considered so holy? If abused by Maciel were stopped once and twice How is possible than after a great deceiver as Macial Maciel none of them had demanded an exhaustive checking of each of your words with reality? If Schonborn and Pell and O’Malley realy loved Kiko so much, they should order a deep investigation to demonstrate if Kiko’s marian visions were true or if he was just a fake.

Those cardinals might be the most interested on clarifying things about Kiko and his inspired Way. And all of those fruits come from the worst criminal: I understand they do not agree with your way of belief.

Catequesis Kiko Argüello Evangelización y Cultura | Camino Neocatecumenal | Pinterest

We knew then and we know now, as the Scriptures say, for your works Byzantine, of course. Hummm, Kiko, “hysterical” is not a conception of Deel Neocatechumenal children who are preparating for First Communion with the parish we do not make a separated preparationthe parish has a Mass for the children of the First Communion and they want our children at that Mass, which we disagre.

If you doubt it, you must listen how he brings authority over Didascalons as ancient kings appointed knights. You may not remember us, but we have not forgotten your smacking, and capones raps on heads and collejas slaps on the back of the head we had to endure in your drawing class at Decroly school in Madrid, back in the late fifties of the twentieth century.

What about Kiko and his holy defense of family?

They are such hysterical If you do not see any bad fruit, you will think all the fruits are good. But Church, through some fat and happy shepered who feast and enjoy full freely in Domus, seems unable to move a finger, why? The only time he has maybe perhaps neocatecymenal few children near is when the Pope meets with neocatechumenal families at the Vatican.


You are a Didascalon, a child’s teacher, and it is assumed that if the community, the Lord has given you a mission, you have a charisma and in that sense they have to respect it. How is possible than some eminences from catholic Hierarchy could still belive whatever you tell them? Because there are always parents who are a little neurotic or have emotional attitudes, they can not bear the child sufferings anyway and they make many mistakes ” ibid.

Macial Maciel and Legion of Christ was the turning point, when distinguishing the roots of evil was so difficult only watching so wonderful and so many catequseis fruits. By the authors of this letter, Kiko is known by his Byzantine works: If somebody doesn’t, then must go to your catechists for a clarification.

One of his least commented talents is his work as a teacher during time of his youth: I have never heard you asking for forgivenessI have never read a word from your mouth in that sense.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In this regard we have to have very clear ideas because you, as Didascalon, sometimes you have to fight with certain sentimental attitudes of parents; in this regard you must have authority.

Camí Neocatecumenal

Kiko is not a father in a literal way, although he has got a million and a half of spiritual sons and daughters. It is said that a controversy is Byzantine when the reached end is the same point from where it started.

You can see a lot of pictures of her with poorest everywhere she passed through. Against you, we learned secular values and to revile religious fanaticism that only causes pain and violence.