Riptide (An FBI Thriller) [Catherine Coulter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock must protect the life. Riptide [Catherine Coulter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Receiving a letter that threatens the governor and damages her own. Editorial Reviews. Review. Rebecca Matlock is in the thick of politics, enjoying her work as a speechwriter for the governor of New York, who’s .

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Riptide by Catherine Coulter – another negative review

Did you all hear that massive thudding sound? It seems like some parts of the book were not written whole-heartedly.

Did he know why she even had the phone turned on in the first place? You can use ruptide Google search engine to locate other books of intrigue and suspense.

Stop saying you’re my boyfriend. She walked slowly back inside the living room, firmly closing the glass door behind her.

She pressed herself close to the wall, her palms slammed against her ears. View all 3 comments. No matter how scared she was, she fought back. She found herself wondering if she would ever have a child who needed a heart transplant one month and a new kidney the next, or a husband who wouldn’t be faithful to her for longer than it took a new woman to look in his direction.

And you always say the same things. Okay, much better than The Edge. Books by Catherine Coulter.


Those are probably my caterine complaints, but not at all the only ones. Published by J’ai Lu first published July 10th No excuse can valedate such a tragedy of literature.


Jul 05, Melissa rated it really liked it.

There was a problem adding your email address. I just wouldn’t start with this one. She’d never really thought it would work, that stratagem. I love the characters that Catherine Coulter creates, they are likable and fun. The story just went on and on and on. She had to do something. February 23, Author: Shouldn’t have wasted my time. In fairness to those dissenters out there, I partially agree with some of t This book is not one of her best, but I still liked it.

Becca is the strong-willed female lead and Adam is the protective male. I got through 7 of 9 discs. It started off promising. I can’t believe how much I hated Becca. The narration felt read rather than performed but that could be a reflection of the dialog. She actually ends up leaving Riptide by halfway through the book.

Riptide by Catherine Coulter – another negative review – The LockerGnome Daily Report

Feb 12, Pr Latta rated it liked it Shelves: She walked out onto her small balcony. Do you really know someone well enough to marry them after two weeks, most of which were spent in a nearly-hysterical frenzy? It might be about her mother, her very sick mother, who might be dying. She gripped the phone, knuckles white, and yelled, “Listen to me, you little prick.

Not that it was unexpected. It’s always been ckulter bit hard to picture these people who are always well muscled, in shape, talented, with really great jobs speaking as if they are toddlers.


Riptide by Catherine Coulter | : Books

They told you to ask those questions, to try to distract me, to get me to spill my guts to you. She heard it clearly through the half-closed glass door. The fast pace of plot detracts from any chance to characterize Becca and Adam past vague caricatures: Now the FBI team of Savich and Sherlock enter the scene and we learn that a long time CIA agent is her father and the stalker has a vendetta against him left from past war time.

Becca Matlock, a speechwriter for the governor of New York, keeps getting threatening phone calls that accuse her of sleeping with the governor. Great story of a girl and her supposedly dead father. I sort of figured out a few things didn’t ‘jive’, and sort of firgured out who the ‘Boyfriend’ could be, but it was the twists and how it got there that kept me hooked.

Overall, I found it fun and engaging. Surely now that someone was dead, they would believe that some maniac was terrorizing her, stalking her, murdering someone to show her he meant business. He comes into her life when Becca is threatened by a crazy psychopath who is trying to kill her and him. Becca stood there frozen, watching.

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