CGAxis Models Volume 41 – Electronics III is another part of the collection of electronics, contains 20 highly detailed 3D models of: tv remote control, alarm clock. CGAXIS Models Volume 4 containing 35 highly detailed models of electronics. Available Follow; Message. CGAxis Models Volume 9 Lighting Collection. View. CGAxis Models Volume 8 Fodd collection containing 20 highly detailed 3D models of food (chicken, cakes, soup, buns, CGAxis Models Volume 4 Electronics.

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They are based on real towers. Vol 49 FBX Part1. Vol 70 for max part2. Vol 43 thea part2. CGAxis Models Volume 53 — collection contains 20 electgonics detailed sets of 3D models books and magazines. Buildings can be manipulated easily. Are you the publisher? Each model can be transformed separately and each have unique texture map on front and back cover.

The Office and electronics packs are my favorites. Great for your interior visualization projects. Silver Birch — Betula pendula Plants are always my favorite. All models are mapped. You will get diffuse, bump and opacity maps to use in your software. Vol 56 Maps part2.

CGAxis 3D Models Full Collection

European Rowan — Sorbus aucuparia Another great collection of models. Black Locust — Robina pseudoacacia You will find here a great variety of table and chair sets.


Pivots are specially positioned for correct animation. The model contains textures, bone armature and hair particles. CGAXIS Models Volume 11 contains 65 highly detailed models of office furniture chairs, deskscabinets and many more compatible with 3ds max or higher and many others.

A big thanks to CGAxisfor sponsoring this giveaway. Perfect for real time racing games. Installing elevators in business buildings are an excellent facilitate to quality challenged people since it might change them to access stairways safely and well. Pedunculate Oak — Quercus robur Visit my website www. For-3D – 3D jewelry models, visualization, custom design Our company involved in 3D modeling industry. In this part series of three-dimensional model of the essential parts of a file Dadym.

Models are very realistic, scanned from real products and optimized. Your office room, bedroom or living room now will be more realistic and cozy. I love volume 7 furniture ,9 lighting ,10 kitchen ,11 electronics. In this section 35 three-dimensional model to design a garden of flowers and plants that need to be Dadym.

Vol 56 FBX part2. All textures have been checked and are included.

Instead choose the forum that best suits your topic and post Compatible with 3ds max or higher ,Cinema 4D R11 or higher and many others. In this collection you can find many kinds of 3d trees in different sizes.


Compatible with 3ds max or higher and many others. Low poly horse 3D model Low poly horse 3D model triangles http: Each of them is mapped and textured if diffuse, bump or reflect map are used. Kitchen Appliances max 3D models MB CGAXIS Models Volume 10 containing 25 highly detailed models of kitchen appliances stove, toaster,microwave, fridge, electric kettle and much more compatible with 3ds max or higher and many others.

Small-leaved Lime Tilia cordata 8. The second birthday giveaway is here!

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Render scene is not included. Vol 43 OBJ part2. Contact Us name Please electronucs your name. Vol 43 MAPS part2. Accurate mesh topology and form, with only These are ideal for every kind of In this episode series of 45 three-dimensional model of modern furniture for your Dadym.

Others have prepared materials with diffuse color and reflect set properly. European Larch — Larix decidua

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