Halting State [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Sergeant Sue Smith of the Edinburgh constabulary is. CHARLES STROSS Halting State is the book William Gibson’s Spook Country should have been. For one thing, it’s actually about what it would (will?) be like. “Halting State” wasn’t intended to be predictive when I started writing it in . t3knomanser replied to this comment from Charlie Stross.

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The book is written in second person and jumps between characters, which is an odd choice but it works. As far as the story goes, it grabbed me and made me want to finish strosx.

But different wherever it impacts actual news and politics. While speaking to some friends I told them they should check out Ingress, “it’s like Spooks from the Charles Stross novels!

And while there’s no sense in going all alarmist and paranoid about things strosss inasmuch as it makes for cracking storytellingreal life security concerns really exist, and one would be naive to think the worst dangers stop at identity theft and pirating movies.

It’s occurred to me for a while that some of charls fiction might be overtaken by events and fall into the space that Ken MacLeod and William Gibson as commented above seems to inhabit. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Please try again later.

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This book weaves a good tale around these, and other concepts that “could happen. I will have to keep an eye out for something of his next time I am at the bookstore.


BTW, I emailed the author. But basically, it goes like this: Again, stay the course. We follow the story through three point-of-view characters — Sue, a sergeant in the Edinburgh police; Elaine, an auditor at the company that insure the company that run the bank, she is brought into the case due to her gaming hobby and then the rest of the team promptly dump the case on her; and Jack, a recently sacked genius game developer, just back from a somewhat bleary trip to Amsterdam to try and forget his firing, who is brought in as a consultant to the auditor Elaine as he just happens to have exactly the right skills.

If you do not, though, it is a dull, unimaginative slice of near-future sci-fi that was quite possibly dated before the manuscript was fully edited. Hold The Front Page”.

Halting State

I’m not saying that these are impractical, but it does break the White Paper base assumptions. I have emailed the author, and while he declined to join the site at the moment, he was gracious enough to provide the answer to be posted: Though that reminded me of something I’ve wanted to ask for a while: Hayek Associates is one such company, until an in-game bank robbery that should have been impossible. Cigarettes, no change except not on open display “Family Values”. Eventually, it is discovered that the entirety of the European network backbone —including its root keyservers —has been compromised by Chinese hackers.

I suppose you could say that the wheels fell off this century, but I understand that re. As for Scottish devolution, I have to constantly remind myself that hardcore UK federalism proponents are socialists, unlike in the US where they’re reactionaries.

The plot opens with a faux email addressed to Nigel MacDonald, listing a job offer. The second person present perspective plus the head jumping into different characters felt very awkward, and I really wasn’t at all sure where the story was going, so I was reluctant to dive in.


It’s not a comparison that does this book any favors. The chapters alternate between the three characters POV in second person.

Not that I trust Camoron – or any of his predecessors sincecome to that. Charlie’s stroke of genius here is in his story’s use of massively multiplayer online games MMORPGs as a tool by which governments and their shadowy intelligence apparatuses recruit “useful idiots,” unwary hating operatives who do the dirty work of infiltrating networks while under the belief they’re just running around hacking strosd goblins in a virtual gaming environment, thereby allowing the Powers That Be whatever plausible deniability they wish.

Halting State – Wikipedia

I look forward to it. For an alternative I suggest you read MacDonald Fraser’s masterly short history: It takes some of the excitement out of the novel for me—also, I feel this trope is rather overused.

You could at least try to make your goalpost-shifting a little less obvious. For one the votes of the membership at conference actually count and hold the leadership to decisions.

This is a good solid book. I also suspect that our perspective is skewed towards Edinburgh or Glasgow – and that Sutherland or Shetland views these as “just as distant as London”; meet the new Government, as remote as the old one