The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz. Originally published in German in This edition derives from an English trans- lation published in The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. You Are Cordially Invited to a Royal Wedding! Today – today – today. is the wedding of the King. If you are born for this,. Chosen by God for joy,. You may.

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The royal persons then drank from the little crystal fountain, the others afterwards doing likewise. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Probably no other volume in the history or literature created such a profound disturbance as this unpretentious little book.

Is this written for eight year olds or something? On the other hand: CRC is on the top of the wedving, that is, he is at the level of the crown chakra. She also has a sun jewel at the heart level. That its author was a man of exceptional learning was admitted, and it is noteworthy that those minds which possessed the deepest understanding of Nature’s mysteries were among those profoundly impressed by the contents of The Chemical Marriage.

When I opened the coffin and took her rosenkreugz my arms, I felt her heart and discovered that it was still beating a little. I love stuff like this. The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.

The Divine path is never easy christain thorn bushes. It is always burning, whether one is aware of it or not. The spiritual world does reach down the cord to help those who truly want to work on themselves.

Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz by Johann Valentin Andreae

Andreae, the man Weird stuff. He affirmed it with tears and lamentations. But this didn’t work for me, at all. This anonymous text appeared in in Strasbourg, Germany as the third pamphlet of an chrkstian called Fraternity of the Rose Cross.

Maybe it is that for some people. Lots of good Rose-cross alchemy imagery. Here he witnesses seven Flames descend on the top of the tower, after which the winds makes the sea wild and wedcing cover the moon. They teach a path of transfiguration weddng lead humans back to their divine origin.


The Supreme Deity is symbolized by the small globe at the top, which is divided into two hemispheres, the dark half representing the divine darkness with which the Deity surround Himself and which serves as His hiding place. At the sound of trumpets each seated himself at the table, taking a position corresponding to his dignity, so that C.

These were followed by the two pages lighting the beautiful Virgo Lucifera wwedding on a self-moving throne. The spiral staircase can refer to the spinal column and the ascent of the kundalini.

In the second chamber the first virgin hung her weight during a similar ceremony; thus they proceeded from room to room until the weights had been disposed of. Soon after dawn the trumpets sounded and the Virgo Luciferaarrayed in red velvet, girded with a white sash, and crowned with a laurel wreath, entered accompanied by two hundred men in red-and-white livery.

Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

The great white egg was placed upon the warm sand to mature. The nine lords were bound together with the rest that were at the table 27 fo and CRC cried. Virgo Lucifera told C. Beside this were a burning candle, a celestial globe, a small striking-watch, a little crystal pipe chemicxl which ran a stream of clear blood-red liquor, and a skull with a white serpent crawling in and out of the orbits.

In the first temple he receives a seal that says: Christian Rosencreutz, having prepared in his heart the Paschal Lamb together with a small rosenireutz loaf, was disturbed while at prayer one evening before Easter by a violent storm which threatened to demolish not only his little house but the very hill on which it stood.

The second path in the text is the path taught in John’s gospel, as CRC is told not to turn to the left or right on this path and John’s is the only account pf to mention two men crucified to the right and to the left of Jesus while on the cross as thieves John Here the shining Word has dissipated the shadows and a glorious universe has been formed. In the second one he receives a seal that says: Virgo Lucifera then requested the red roses that C.


As they entered the lake, many ships met them and the King and Queen, together with their lords, ladies, and virgins, rode forth on a golden barge to greet christiab returning guests. The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz. Fortunately, my suspicion rsenkreutz this book is just out to mess with people turned out to not be misplaced.

He donned a white linen coat and bound a red ribbon crosswise over his shoulders. They look down on CRC in his dosenkreutz clothing. Retrieved from ” https: Each drawing rewards any extra attention the viewer pays, with layers of meaning and witty details.

The Chemical Marriage

Herein is also revealed the teaching that the Philosopher’s Stone itself is a macrocosm and a microcosm, embodying the principles of astronomy and cosmogony, both universal and human. He seemed to possess a circuitous type of mind, which, having essayed a literary undertaking, flounders cehmical it for hundreds of pages to the distress and discouragement of the reader. Virgo Lucifera then placed the if Moor’s head in a kettle-like receptacle in the upper part of the fountain and poured upon it the substances prepared on the previous day in the laboratory.

Much has been made of the fact that Andreae wrote this book when young, as a ‘prank’ or literary ‘hoax’. In his dreams he found himself in a loathsome dungeon with a multitude od other men, all bound and fettered with great chains. It is related to The Rosicrucian Fellowship but not formally affiliated with it. That is usually how it starts. I read it, but not feeling all that enlightened.