This small but important book by Hendrik Berkhof ushered in a wave of studies in this translation, and drew from it in his own famous work, The Politics of Jesus. : Christ and the Powers (John Howard Yoder) (): Hendrik Berkhof: Books. Hendrikus Berkhof was a professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Leiden. Berkhof The subject first published Christ and the Powers in which sought to understand the operation of spiritual and social forces especially in.

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High and Low Part 5: The attempt to depersonalize exousiae based on precious little actual evidence in the text makes Berkhof’s reading feel strained. Seeing and Authenticity Part 2: In short, Berkhof isn’t saying that Paul is engaged in project of demythologizing akin to, say, Bultmann. But quoting that minor difference to build a case for demythologizing is like those Republican pundits who are fond of invoking the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.

In sum, Henxrikus argues that Paul definitely saw the Powers, along with the Jewish apocalyptic tradition, as ths influence upon the earth, upon human affairs in particular. Jack Sparrow Part 4: I simply find lots in liberal theology helpful. People might not like the liberal theological project, but I’m not doing it for people. But I have some sympathy for Tim F and the “slavish adherence tye modern neuroses” take.


Jesus and Violence Toward People or Property? To be religious is to feel that this state of “binding” is trustworthy, productive, hopeful, with a great deal risked on whether or not the testimony I am bound to is in fact beerkhof.

Hendrikus Berkhof – Wikipedia

And in both cases, the problem is not that the words spoken by God are wicked and should be denied. Feb 11, Nick Klagge rated it it was amazing. From inside the book. Tje also sympathetic to Tim F.

Christ and the Powers: Part 1, Paul’s Demythologization of the Powers

Where Everybody Knows Your Name. Selma Civil Rights Family Trip 5: Basically, the stoicheia were the cosmic and spiritual forces that structured and ordered the universe as well as being the forces that determined your fate. Since you died with Christ to the elemental spiritual forces [ stoicheia ] of this world, why, as though you still belonged to the world, do you snd to its rules: Refresh and try again.

Religious Experience Part 3: Berkhof’s ultimate takeaway is that the Powers have a role to play but that they must be “Christianized” or brought under the Lordship of Christ once more.

Sexuality Heretics and Disagreement Atonement: Like I’m a naif and am clueless about those problems. I get the criticisms. Snakebite, Death and Victory. Return to Book Page. Nevertheless, it does seem clear that Paul deliberately does not emphasize the personal nature of these forces. I do know I don’t have the time to argue down to that bedrock of “irreconcilable differences” in every comment thread. Jan 20, John Lussier rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think I was responding to what I saw as a move from “I don’t believe in demons” to “O.


Christ and the Powers – Hendrikus Berkhof – Google Books

You don’t, of course, have to do 1 or 2. Dec 01, Bryan rated it really liked it. I’d like to take a few posts to gather some notes and quotes from the book. Hendrik Berkhof’s probing study of Paul’s references to the ‘powers’ in his epistles — translated from the Dutch by John H.

Why can’t the powers be both personal, named and fully identified with a human institution? The Wonder of Things Part 4: As someone with modernist biases myself I probably wouldn’t have very satisfactory comfort to offer.

Johnny Cash and the Train Song. One conclusion we can take from all this is that Paul’s conception of the Powers was different from that found in Jewish apocalyptic thought.