Bryan Chapell, Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon. Second Edition. Baker, pages. $ “Three points. When we speak of Christ-centered preaching, it is hard not to think and speak of Bryan Chapell, the President Emeritus of Covenant Seminary. Christ-Centered Preaching will make a difference to generations of seminary . The best book I have read is Bryan Chapell’s, Christ-Centered Preaching.

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Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon

Though ‘Christ-Centered Preaching’ is a legitimate title for the book, I think it might have been more faithfully titled ‘Grace-Centered Preaching. He reminds us that preaching the text of Scripture naturally implies the responsibility to preach Christ, and he demonstrates how to engage contemporary audiences in such preaching. I do, but I do also believe the the Holy Spirit is active in them too and not just in the one giving the sermon.

Preachig is a great need for this book. For example, the chapters on illustration and application are worth the price of the book.

Mar 12, Mark Barnes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Preparation of Expository Sermons 5. Christ is the message of preachers, and this book will enable preachers to lift him up in ways that will change lives. I heartily commend Christ-Centered Preaching as a superb tool for preachers–experienced or inexperienced–for its guidance to faithfully preach Christ in all of Scripture.

This book can help preachers preach expository messages, faithful to the text, with a redemptive aim and Christological focus. A tremendous number of books on preaching deal only with technique, and what is seriously lacking is one that deals with preaching as it pertains to exposition. The second edition contains updates and clarifications, allowing this classic to continue to serve the needs of budding preachers.


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Christ-Centered Preaching is going to make a great difference in that direction. Chapell covers every topic necessary for full preparation for preaching but, more importantly, digs deep into God’s word to present an argument for and system of preaching the word expositorily and within God’s overarching story of redemption.

He centerer that it is the fullest grasping of this literary art that proceeds to the cdntered perception of the theological intention” Figuring the Sacred, The book crystallizes the essence of expository preaching and presents clear, transferable principles for preaching effectively. In a relatively short space, Chapell touches on nearly every aspect of preparing and delivering an expository sermon.

Christ-Centered Preaching, 3rd Edition | Baker Publishing Group

The Gospel-centered emphasis makes it even better than other similar works, such as Haddon Robinson’s ‘Biblical Preaching’ and it is not dull like Shaddix’s ‘Power in the Pulpit. Others may not have the privilege of centred in the classroom of this able instructor, but the next best thing is available.

This book has become a staple at seminaries of various denominations and a go-to book on p I’ve read a dentered of books on preaching and if I could only keep one, this would be it.

It’s a longer, denser book than I was expecting — cetnered a preaching textbook. Bryan Chapell has now tackled the virus that robs so much contemporary preaching of its virility and dulls its confrontational character.

The first and third sections contain the material on Christ centred preaching and the middle section could be dipped into for guidance on preaching nuts and bolts. Rather than receiving a story for its own sake, on its own terms, Chapell encourages preachers to search for universal principles instead.


For someone who has never preached or who has never thought critically about preaching, he offers some good words. Let’s start with the good.

Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon by Bryan Chapell

The second section, which gets into the nuts preachng bolts of how to prepare a sermon, was wonderfully helpful, but oh so long!

Scharfprofessor of homiletics, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School “To a world in need of preachers who proclaim the life-giving message of God’s amazing grace found only in Jesus Christ, Bryan Chapell’s book Christ-Centered Preaching is a welcome gift. In short, the FCF will be some aspect of the human condition we face while living in a fallen world. We must set out to make our lives relevant to the biblical story, not the biblical story to our lives” Michael Horton, Covenant and Eschatology: Chapell writes on this topic like a veteran, and helpfully guides the reader through everything from how to preach the gospel from every passage, how to outline a passage of scripture, how and when to use illustrations, and what the preacher should be seeking to accomplish through the task of preaching.

The Practice of Lreaching 9.

Books by Bryan Chapell. I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Christ-Centered Preaching. It will help you greatly as you seek, with God’s help, to meet the challenges of preaching.

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