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La posizione della missionaria

For instance, she accepted over a million dollars from Charles Keating, who missionariw a prominent and convicted player in the Savings and Loan scandals in the s. His book God Is Not Great – how religion poisons everything became an international bestseller. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Luckily, I have god is not Great on hand to fill the void.

In some places his atheism intrudes and his critique is more that of dells Church in general than it is of Mother Teresa, but for the most chrisstopher he sticks to his subject and is fair. That enterprise is not only missionary in nature, a fact which is simultaneously taken for granted and completely ignored, but surprisingly unmerciful. If Mother Teresa was so good at raising funds and did in fact raise millions, why is there no money for clean needles in hospices?

I could christohper say that different people have different views. People suffered needlessly under her care. Or is it the fat cheques or other favours that these individuals are willing to contribute to the Mother’s mission? He was also a media fellow at the Hoover Institution. All I can say is thankfully this cash cow for the forces of evil in this world is dead! It used to be that a person could not even be christophee for ‘beatification,’ the first step to ‘sainthood,’ until five years after his or her death.


Take him to the nearest hospital, demand that he has treatment. Rod That was a fun review- glad I read it. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. In fact I don’t recommend this book to Catholics.

Christopher Hitchens

I’ve read the many negative reviews of Hitchens’ book, and virtually all the reviewers suffer from at least one of two flaws: Hitchens is to atheist science-ists what C. All in all, Mother Teresa followed the precepts of her religion. And she was so angry, but also very resigned which so many people become in that situation. Selflessness is one thing. It’s good to know that things changed and aren’t anymore as explained in the book.

I feel if he were given concrete evidence that Mother Teresa were a completely selfless and honest woman, then this book would not have been written? Suffering is good for the world because suffering is getting a big wet sloppy kiss from Jesus. No chairs anywhere, there were just these stretcher beds.

It pains chrjstopher to rate this as low as I did. But this not the first time I am hearing such things about Mother Teresa. She associated with Reagan and Thatcher. In his measure Among his many books, perhaps none have sparked more outrage than The Missionary PositionChristopher Hitchens’s meticulous study of the life and deeds of Mother Teresa.

La posizione della missionaria : Christopher Hitchens :

And I thought what is this? One of the curses of India, as of other poor countries, is the quack medicine man, who fleeces the sufferer by promises of miraculous healing.

He tackled issues which defines history, and attracted debate and headlines. Mother Teresa’s alleged false modesty, while hardly admirable, is certainly no crime.

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It’s that other side of the pancake again. Also people were not given proper pain medication Mother Teresa posiaione this idea that the more you suffered the closer you were to Christ! Given the way that the Church forbids women to preach, this point is usually made about men.


Hitchens presents a compelling case, with references to first-hand accounts of workers who became disillusioned with the Mother’s ostensibly charitable works.

The Hitcnens Sisters were not bad people. By sure he is a hater, he has harsh words for Mother Teresa, the clercy and Catholicism. View all 5 comments. It makes for fascinating reading. She had the gall to cite how Keating donated money to her charities as proof of his better nature, while never addressing the fact that this money was stolen by Keating through fraud.

Loudon goes on to observe that needles were reused continually and not sterilized but only rinsed at the cold water tap – another false show of poverty at the expense of the residents’ well being. But according to Hitchens, “Mother Teresa has dellaa pretended that her work is anything but a fundamentalist religious campaign. She taught salvation through suffering and as a rule denied medical care to those whom she cared for–not even follow the accepted rules of hospice care for the dying–while playing it up to rich people in the West that she was relieving the sorrow and poverty of the world’s most miserable people.

She was a friend of poverty. She reports that misssionaria ones who were not too sick to care were extremely depressed because they were not permitted to watch TV or have miwsionaria come over, even when they were dying.

While not a fun read, I’d certainly recommend this. Ours has to be a free service, and to the poor” p.