Here is an analysis and summary of Ciaran Carson’s poem ‘Belfast Confetti’, looking at the historical context, poetic form and structure. Belfast Confetti (a poem by Ciaran Carson). Suddenly as the riot squad moved in, it was raining exclamation marks, Nuts, bolts, nails, car keys. Belfast Confetti [Ciaran Carson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Belfast Confetti, Ciaran Carson’s third book of poetry, weaves together in.

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There is with Wales though, and when I speak of my miner great grandfather, people always assume that I am talking about south Wales.

I believe diaran the human dignity of language, and I do not like to see human language demeaned. Re your 47, Latin was the liturgical language up to the s … I have vague memories of the Latin mass.

The Waterfront is a relatively new development built round some of the old docks housing hundreds of shops, bars and restaurants. Gold panning in the Sperrins.

I see that Trinity College accepted Catholics inwhile the Catholic hierarchy waited until before allowing Catholics to study there. And the explosion Itself — an asterisk on the map. But that would not have been a deep mine.

Perhaps that is the key to its distinctive literature. But much can be achieved — an empire, for example — by those who take the trouble to organize themselves and plan things out in a dull and stolid manner.

It was strongly linked to oral culture, though, and was outflanked by nineteenth-century developments. I like the poem because of the sense of entrapment and disorientation. Localism, nepotism and personal advancement take precedence over public-spiritedness.

Yes, I have always been interested in your time working on building sites in London.


Belfast Confetti By Ciaran Carson

Post 42, paragraph 1. During the mids, the groups of Irish nationalist had also started violent attacks to make the UK careon build an independent region of Britain. And thank you for Ossianification. Very permanent place in many ways. Ferret is very clever, and his voice is especially important when he describes how Thatcher destroyed and trampled human lives in his part of the world.

And the seventeeth century saw terrible wars and rebellions. It is interesting how Ireland took on the English language, while thinking in Irish.

I read your poem about miners, and I liked it, Claire. Yes I was genuinely taken aback by that. I must see if I can find it. You must be taking the piss, Sipu. The Enlightenment was influential in Ireland, although there was no Irish Enlightenment as such.

I don know whether you know anything about the geography of Cape Town. Hello Cymbeline … thanks for that. What about translation of the Bible into Irish? There is no doubt that police and soldiers harassed people in nationalist areas of the north, and sometimes beat up young men in those areas for no reson … I know that for a fact. It was t-shirt weather and so we were able to watch the game on TV sitting on the veranda and later, when the match had ended, drink our beers in the street as the disappointed English and ecstatic Algerian fans left the stadium.

Effortless brilliance is preferred to rigour. By the time England had gained control of Ireland inthere was the confounding factor of the Reformation … the fact that Ireland remained largely Catholic again prevented any kind of unified polity from being forged.

This conflict took place when the minority population of Catholics was dominated, discriminated, and also harassed by the Protestant majority.


He is not only a poet, but also an amazing novelist, who is cherished by almost all those who love literature.

Poem of the Week: “Belfast Confetti” by Ciaran Carson

June 20, at 5: Tolerance of ambiguity, or understanding of ambiguity? European history and thought have taught us that, and that is why I do not welcome certain extremely undigestible aspects of Islam in Europe. Are you saying in post 45, paragraph 2, that Catholic priests in the nineteenth century used English for liturgy? You are commenting using your WordPress.

June 25, at He was a Methodist, and keen on education and rights for all. There are lots of sights, hotels, lodges, clubs, restaurants and shops to visit. The Cape Town Stadium is not far from the Waterfront ciatan a 15 minute walk. It is very beautiful here and less busy.

BELFAST CONFETTI (poem) – Ciaran Carson – United Kingdom/Ireland – Poetry International

June 19, at June 18, at 9: The areas where Irish was spoken in the nineteenth century were those where the Catholic Church was weakest. It is winter here, so one can expect the weather to be cold and wet and very windy.

June 20, at 9: Sadly never having had a proper education myself, I am not usually able to participate with same level of eloquence or erudition. I remember that Brandwood posted a very good piece about his colleagues and himself going down the mine … the banter and so on.