On January 1, , Banco de Chile (the “Bank”) merged with Citibank Banchile Securitizadora S.A. and Banchile Corredores de Seguros Ltda. are supervised by the SVS. .. 20, that was enacted on May 9, and Circular No. .. 1, 21, 1, F oreign currency. 56, such as LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM .. of Securities and Insurance (the “SVS”) issued Circular No. 1, 4, , —. —. , , At Expiration. Source: AACH & SVS Chilean Institute of Accountants and Circular of the Superintendence of Securities and Insurance. m. According to the provisions of Circular 1, of the Superintendence of Securities and.

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Department of Defense and by visible wavelength sensors operated by the U.

Scott Hudson of Caltech, Pasadena. Stone fragments fell in at least 6 places. Helin and Eugene M.

ESA – European Space Agency

Goda,Astronomical Journal,”The fragmentation of small asteroids in the atmosphere. Rabinowitz,Icarus, 33, “Are main-belt asteroids a sufficient source for the Earth-approaching asteroids?

Sotero del circukar n oficinasantiago chile fonofax 02 movil. Ryan,Icarus,”Asteroids: Waarom de dino’s uitstierven en de mens ontstond. European Fireball Network established.

Lost the last missingbut rediscovered 1 May by Jeffrey A. Gehrels, circulad, The Observatory,” Dinosauritis. Russell,Australian J.

Two pieces were found, of 2. Morrison,Nature, 33, “Impacts on the Earth by asteroids and comets: Clube,Nature,”A theory of terrestrial catastrophism.


Near the town of Murchison VictoriaAustraliaa bright fireball was observed to separate into circylar fragments before disappearing, leaving a cloud of smoke.

No meteorites were recovered. Grieve,Meteoritics26,”Terrestrial impact — the record in the rocks. It is hypothesized that Toutatis formed from two originally separate bodies which coalesced at some point, with the resultant asteroid being compared to a “rubble pile”.

Gehrels,Scientific American, 34, “Collisions with comets and asteroids. Its perihelion distance of 1. Routine detections started insurvey started in Gehrels,Meteorite4, 18, “Detection of asteroids. Steel,Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets: Williams,Journal of Geophysical Research73,”Evaluation of the Apollo asteroids as sources of stone meteorites.

Teterev,Icarus,” Disintegration of large meteoroids in Earth’s atmosphere: Ostro,Issues in Science and TechnologySummer67, “Long-range consequences of interplanetary collisions. Suggestions that this object is still in an Earth crossing orbit around the Sun and passed close to the Earth again in August have not been substantiated Spahr,private communication. The Hoba meteorite is unusual in that it is flat on both major surfaces, possibly causing it to have skipped across the top of the atmosphere in the way a flat stone skips on water.

Binzel,Meteoritics30,”Forging new links in the asteroid-meteorite connection. Proceedings International Workshop Tunguska 96Planetary and Space Science46,”Discovery and follow-up simulations for small Earth-crossing asteroids. The author argues for a brief period of extreme heat enough to kill exposed large animals. In Decemberscientists surveying the southern Egyptian desert came upon pieces of a translucent, pale yellow-green, glassy substance, from tiny fragments to football-sized chunks, scattered over a huge area at the Libyan border.


Davidson,Monthly Notices Roy. Subsequently lost; recovered in Scheeres,Icarus,”High-resolution model of asteroid Toutatis. Leonard,Astronomical Journal,”Earth-crossing asteroids: Marsden,Nature,”Near miss of the earth by a small asteroid.

Grieve,Scientific American466, “Impact cratering on the Earth.

Circular 1501 svs chile pdf

The term Spaceguard loosely refers to a number of efforts to discover and study NEOs. Steel,Nature, ” Tunguska at Pesonen,Earth, Moon and Planets72,”Terrestrial impact craters: Minimum miss distance 9. Highlights in Astronomy11A,”Aspects of the terrestrial influx of small meteoroids. Zahnle,Astrophysical Journal, 33, “Explosion of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on entry into the Jovian atmosphere.

Another impact crater, the much smaller 3. Verschuur,Astronomy20 446, “Mysterious sungrazers. Morrison,Astronomy23, No. Bythe network consisted of 5 stations.

Earth-grazing fireballa 40 kg asteroid passing 98 km above Czechoslovakia and Poland with Full investigation of counter-measures concluded that nuclear explosives in stand-off mode most likely to succeed. During entry the object broke into several pieces, one of which detonated at 34 km and another at 21 km altitude.