Gait types include: hemiplegic, spastic diplegic, neuropathic, myopathic, With mild hemiparesis, loss of normal arm swing and slight circumduction may be the . It is important to be aware of normal motor milestones and gait development. The gait then undergoes orderly stages of development. Circumduction. This walking pattern is known as circumduction gait and in this video we will discuss about the group of muscle that is responsible for it.

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This leads to an increased step height and prolonged swing phase [10] [11]. A disorder in any segment of the body can have consequences on the individual’s gait pattern, like a reduced knee flexion range in patients with a reconstructed ACL. Traditional approaches to stroke recovery have a focus on neurofacilitation or neurodevelopmental techniques NDT to inhibit excessive tone, stimulate muscle activity if hypotonia is present and to facilitate normal movement patterns through hands-on techniques.

A stooped posture and flexed knees are a common presentation. Toe-walking gait can also be seen in children with autism spectrum disorder Hait. Ataxic Instability and alternating between a narrow to wide base of gait.

At this moment the body begins to move from force absorption at impact to force propulsion forward.

Gait – Physiopedia

It does not describe information collection practices in relation to other websites, including those linked to or from the Site. With bilateral hip disease – a waddling “rolling sailor” gait can be seen with hips, knees and feet externally rotated.

Alterations can broadly be divided into neurological or musculoskeletal causes [9]. Qualitative methods to assess and analyse gait include: An alternative circumducttion of gait involves the following eight phases: This is a Super Post.

Patients with a circumduction gait are unable to achieve adequate clearance for the foot to move through the swing phase on the affected side. There are some differences between the gait and run cycle – the gait cycle is one third longer in time, the ground reaction force is smaller in the gait cycle so the load is lowerand the velocity is much higher.


This displacement facilitates anterior movement of the leg. During the change from mid stance to toe off stance, the 5 metacarpophalanges contract. Quickly review your physical exam skills, and make evidence informed clinical decisions. Calf Tightening or Contractures due to a period of immobilisation or trauma will cause reduced heel strike due to restricted dorsiflexion.

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Use of this site is for educational purposes only. General ankle pain may result in weight bearing on the lateral border [10] [9] [11].

The MPJ uses the windlass effect to raise the arch and stiffen the foot during dorsiflexion of the hallux. Heel off begins when the heel leaves the floor. Waddling A wide based gait with lumbar lordosis suggests proximal muscle weakness.

Original Editor – Sheik Abdul Khadir. Foot drop due to loss of dorsiflexion.

Circumduction Gait – MSK Medicine

The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only. Excessive hip and knee flexion is required to overcome this [12] [9]. Physiopedia articles are best used to find the original sources of information see the references list at the bottom of the article. Gait will likely be slower and may result in decreased floor clearance of the toes hait create a drag [10].

Heel strikealso known as initial contactis a short period which begins the moment circumducction foot touches the ground and is the first phase of double support. Compensation is increased posterior trunk positioning to maintain alignment of the pelvis in relation to the trunk [10] [11].


Pathological gait is an altered gait pattern due to deformities, weakness or other circumfuction, for example, loss of motor control or pain. The user is encouraged to validate any information herein with an external source.

They may also need to rely on observation of foot placement and will often look at the floor during mobility due to lack of proprioception [12] [9].

Physiopedia articles are best used to find the original sources of information see the references list at the bottom of the article. Contents Editors Categories Share Cite. Hip flexors group of muscle has an action of bringing flexion movement on the hip joint.

Also observed in inflammatory circumductuon disease. In the frontal plane, varus movement is observed in the foot between heel-strike and foot-flat and between heel-off and toe-off.

circumduction gait

They are present on the front of the lower leg on shin area. Strength training to improve walking ability Task-specific training to improve walking ability. The sequences for walking that occur may be summarised as follows: The declaration phase brakes the velocity circuumduction this forward body movement in order to place your foot down with control.

The content on or accessible through Circumdutcion is for informational purposes only. A person with reduced spinal mobility will adopt a forward flexion position in order to alter their centre of gravity permanently during gait [10]. Retrieved from ” https: The server on which the Site is located collects and saves only the default information normally provided by web server software.