“ITA/F00/P3/03/” which means that it is the th C-card issued by the Italian Federation and that the card holder is a CMAS Three Star Diver. Equivalent qualifications to crossover between scuba diving agencies: PADI, CMAS, BSAC, NAUI, NASE, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, GUE, IADS, PSAI. C.M.A.S. / PADI Agreement. 1. Reasons a) Do not penalise divers following one of the two paths. b) Allowing divers to move from one scheme to another without.

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Which to study depends somewhat on where you will be diving.

Dave G26 February My goal is to be instructor, but I can’t get a clear picture about how to get there after divemaster. Same ccmas insurance – check it covers scuba diving to the relevant depth. However, for most resorts your experience and the scuba diving you had done recently is more important than who you trained with.

Robert16 January Misty King16 August I’m sorry but we can’t advise on commercial diving courses. The course covers the following theory topics: Get in touch with your local PADI school for their definitive answer. Which cmws if any? If can I would like to lean by online Hassan Ismail30 June Find out what is available in your area, contact the dive shops and make your choice.


Hello, If I have completed my adventure deep dive with SSI and want to now complete the rest of my 4 adventure dives for my advanced open water course with PADI is this okay to interchange between companies? To transfer to PADI you generally have to do the next qualification up.

You need to contact the dive centre you will be using to confirm that they will understand your qualification. Knapp13 February Marco1 October Carmel28 March Let us know how you get on. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat The equivalent qualifications are for commercial divers, so no PADI courses would be suitable. Amirreza Amani22 August The most widely recognised qualification is PADI, but that is because of their cmaw model. I have a big concern regarding this.

World Underwater Federation – Quality in diving

I’m sorry but we’ve not heard of that one. I contacted TWI but they don’t know. Aldo Esteban Florencias Puerto26 August The pro levels cma be found on divessi.

We’ve added them to the table. Hi Gary, thanks for pointing that out.

Bev25 April Raquel17 June He would need to pay 50 Euros for each card. All these are very helpful and completely understanding but my finally question is specific. I am currently a padi advanced open water diver and am looking to move across to saa what qualification would it match with. I am looking for starting on my diving adventure.



Let us know how she gets on. If you have any comments or questions, enter them here. Greg27 January You will need to take the next or equivalent PADI instructor course. Retrieved 28 October Harald17 March Thanks for updating it.

Equivalent Diving Qualifications: BSAC, PADI, CMAS, NAUI, etc – SCUBA Travel

Hi Emilio There is no reason why they shouldn’t, but check with the company you are planning to train with to make sure. Good luck and enjoy it whichever agency you choose. Alex16 September David Browne7 May We’ll ask in our newsletter if any of our readers have an answer for you.

It would be surprising if the exam questions stayed the same but we don’t know for sure. I’ve been asked to clear local golf clubs of golf balls from their lakes.

As far as we know you can’t take a CMAS qualification online. Both should be recognised anywhere, but PADI is the biggest diving organisation all dive schools will be familiar with it.