We’ve made a new release () of our OfficeToPDF open source project and pushed the code to its usual home on CodePlex. The table above compares CogniDox and Microsoft Office Check out how both product compares looking at product details such as features, pricing, target . Thu, 25 Oct GMT github cognidox officeto a pdf -. OfficeToPDF is a command line utility that converts. Microsoft Office ,. , ,

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Cognidox, the leading provider of document management solutions for the high-tech industry, today announced that it has achieved ISO information security management certification.

I have used many document management packages across my client base and CogniDox is by far the best-featured product I have come across. Average Ratings 6 Reviews 4. A great value product with excellent features and unparalleled support.

It enables better product lifecyle management and knowledge transfer from developers to partners, clients offiec customers. CogniDox enhances Information Security features in new Version 8.

Cognidox, a leading provider of document management technology, is pleased to add a JIRA Software plug-in to its growing list of 3rd party software product integrations. We have had some difficulties, for example with the automatic PDF conversion and automatic modification of document properties in MS Office, but for the most part it has worked well. New documents can be created with a single right-click and new drafts or issues can be uploaded into document part numbers.

The functionality of the system is extensive, at both document and category levels, and provides efficiency and accuracy in dealing with our documentation. It is displayed as a side-bar which can be minimised or re-sized. An excellent product with excellent customer service. The ro interface is easier to use than other DMS I have tried. As a Management Systems Consultant, I was introduced to this package by two clients who had already been using it.


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Cognidox for high-tech R&D

Who Uses This Software? Includes a warning if the user cognodox working on an older version than is currently available in CogniDox. Newsletter News Archive In the press Founder views.

I covnidox it to be very powerful and quick to learn. Enhanced document control and system management. Cognidox Limited, a leading provider of smart product document management technology, has launched a new version for its flagship software platform.

Experienced technology executive Joe Byrne, who was identified by Paul as his potential successor earlier in the year, has been named as interim CEO of the document management and web portal software provider.

Example customers are shown at www. CogniDox has a cogjidox amount of functionality and it takes a little time to use it to its full extent. We provide highly-integrated support for system engineering workflows and the product lifecycle.

Many leading Silicon and Software companies have used us to solve their document management woes Cambridge Network Limited is a company registered in Ckgnidox under company No. Once configured, the add-in will open every time Word, PowerPoint or Excel is started. Displays general CogniDox metadata information such as author and part number, and also version information. I’ve been a user of Cognidox almost since its inception. Good software and outstanding support. The CogniDox for Office Add-in is available free to all companies office a CogniDox subscription license for support and maintenance.

The functionality of the previous offering has been fully replicated and extended in the new release:.


Cognidox for high-tech R&D Reviews and Pricing –

Cognidox, the leading provider of document management solutions for the high-tech industry, has launched the latest version of its flagship lean document management software. CogniDox provides us with an excellent DMS for full auditable control across a wide range of document types for the benefit of individual areas and cross-departmental work. Cognidox launches latest upgrade to leading document management solution Cognidox, the leading provider of document management solutions for the high-tech industry, has launched the latest version of its flagship lean document management software.

Just wanted to say what great support Cognidox provide – questions are answered promptly and difficulties always overcome. It allows users to work within their familiar applications and save their work to a shared document repository for improved collaboration. The user interface may not be considered to be as modern as some other web interfaces but for internal use within an organization I do not consider this to be a high priority.

Cognidox Ltd directory information. Found documents can be directly opened in the Office application; or shown in the Browse view or the CogniDox web client Browse: The business benefit is to encourage knowledge workers to create and maintain their documents within the shared document repository.

Cognidox today announced the availability of CogniDox Version 9. Cognidox announced that Paul Walsh, its co-founder and CEO, passed away on October 3rd following a long illness with cancer. Allows the user to save their work as a draft or issue.