Comnav Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comnav Installation And Operation Manual. ComNav Autopilot Manual. Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual COMPLIES WITH CE REGULATIONS PN V ComNav Autopilot ComNav Autopilot. READ. Show more . Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual v1r3 – ComNav · comnavmarine .

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Check that a hard-over to hard-over time of 10 – 15 seconds can be attained with your drive system.

Setting Up — Step by Step 3. Immunity to conducted audio frequencies Annex A, Section A. You will connect these wires to the Processor when you make all the other wiring conav.

Your boat will steer towards the Waypoint, using the information from the Nav device and from the Compass.

Comnav 1460

Replace the nut and tighten it securely. It is very easy to damage the glands by using too much force. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual of your navigation device. There are two ways to connect the pump to the steering system.

Press and hold the Speed Key.

Comnav – Safe Sea Shop

More information in Spanish More information Hide information. The boat will not wander back and forth across the Course line, nor make any sudden turns unless you command them.


Screw the nut onto the threaded rod at the end of the Outboard Feedback. Yes Lock valve Leakage: Choose a route for the cable so that the minimum bend radius in the cable is at least 4. Measure the change in length of the hydraulic steering cylinder rod. Fasten it with the supplied plastic nut and tighten securely. Also note the following, when you plan the routing of cable 1: Do not damage any wires while tightening the screws.

This will give you 3 years of Warranty protection. Run the cable forward to the Processor location. Immediately after pressing this key, you will have manual vessel steering control. The Autopilot is not receiving any information from either a Fluxgate or a Magnetic Compass. The Control Head can be mounted on a panel using a supplied Clip.

Initially, mount your Fluxgate Compass using strong adhesive tape or some other temporary, non-marking fastener. Correct the fault before proceeding to the next Step! Only one of the Control Heads can operate the autopilot at any time.

Then repeat this Step. The Outboard Feedback can be attached to the hydraulic steering cylinder by using a stainless steel band clamp. Remove the nut from the end of the rod of the hydraulic cylinder. If you purchased a system with a ComNav hydraulic pump, one of two models, at one of two operating voltage ratings, will be included.


Comnav — Onnsports

Generally, you close the bleeding screw or nipple closest to the now retracted rod. The autopilot will turn off.

The Autopilot will turn on, but always with the main Control Head active. The connection MUST be at least 6 feet 1. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. vomnav

If you must drill new holes in the flange at the back of the Rudder Feedback, drill the Rudder Feedback flange first, and then use it as a template to drill holes in the surface. Adjust the position of the Outboard Feedback so that as nearly as possible it is parallel with the hydraulic cylinder both horizontally and vertically.

The light beneath the Red Key will begin to flash. The NMEA data output vomnav is a two-wire signal. All the lights will briefly turn on ckmnav self-testing purposes, followed by the Pilot light only being on the Speed light may also be on.

Return delivery will be by the most economical means.