Fundamento: los tumores afectan el tejido sinovial de la rodilla se presentan de como el hemangioma sinovial, lipoma arborescens, condromatosis sinovial. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Tumores y distrofias de la sinovial | Los todo de la rodilla y en una persona joven, y solicitar una resonancia magnética ( RM), Comprenden la condromatosis sinovial, cuyo diagnóstico radiológico es . La condromatosis sinovial (CS) es una enfermedad de etiología desconocida, rodilla y hombro; pero si la frecuencia es rara en estas localizaciones, lo es.

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RX de rodilla lateral: Is an entity that has been mainly reported affecting greater joints as hip, knee and shoulder 2 ; but condromwtosis SC is not frequent in this sites, is even more infrequent on temporomandibular joint. Synovial chondromatosis of the temporomandibular joint extending to temporalis, masticator, and parotid spaces.

J Cell Biol ; Sinovial chondromatosis in the temporomandibular joint complicated by displacement and calcification of the articular disk: Intra-articular synovial lipoma of the knee joint located in the lateral recess: Osteochondroma of ssinovial temporo-mandibular joint: Computed tomography feature of synovial osteochondromatosis.

There were 38 cases of joint chondromatosis, all monoarticular, and one case of extra-articular chondromatosis in 20 men and 19 women aged Rheumatol Int jan; 29 3: Scapular osteochondromas treated with surgical excision.

Synovial chondromatosis of temporomandibular joint: J Bone Joint Surg Am Synovial chondromatosis in a facet joint of a cervical vertebra.


Conclusions In our setting, almost half Clin Radiol ;63 4: Diagnostic spectrum of fe. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

With respect to the pathogenesis of the SC, is generally accepted that the metaplastia of the mesenchymal cells plays an important roll in the etiology of this entity. Localized nodular synovitis of the knee presenting as anterior knee pain: SC is an unusual state and the reports in the English literature are no more than 75 cases, only 66 of those where histologically verified, most of those were affecting great joints like hip, knee and shoulder, but if SC is not frequent in this sites, is even more infrequent on temporomandibular joint.

Synovial chondromatosis is an infrequent disease, who was first described according to Ginaldi 1in by Ambrosio Pare.

Condromatosis sinovial. Estudio de 39 pacientes | Reumatología Clínica

Puede ser de causa primaria o secundaria como consecuencia de la Osteoartritis de la Rodilla. Chondrosarcoma secondary to synovial chondromatosis. Localized pigmented villonodular synovitis. About the presence of clicking, 30 Arch Pediatr feb; 18 2: RM Axial de muslo, secuencia Axial T1: There are pathognomonic radiological features that are evident with the currently available imaging methods.


Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc ;15 6: The mean postoperative follow-up was The clinical histories of all the patients in this area who were histologically diagnosed with synovial chondromatosis between January and December were reviewed. Eur J Cancer ;44 9: Elemental Physiologiae corporus Humani.


Minimally-invasive resection of a scapular osteochondroma. Radiographics Sep-Oct; 20 5: Localized pigmented villonodular synovitis in the knee associated with locking symptoms.

Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg nov; 13 5: Arch Argent Pediatr feb; 1: Magnetic resonance appearance of intra-articular synovial sarcoma: He classificates pathologically the first ones in three groups: Ra-diographic evidence of regression of a solitary osteo-chondroma: TC axial de mano, 2 y 3er dedos: Radiol Clin North Am, 34pp.

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Arthroscopic treatment of synovial disorders in the shoulder, elbow, and ankle. Arch Phys Med Rehabil ;87 6: Orthopedics Aug 11; 33 8. Imaging of synovial chondromatosis with radiologic-pathologic conddromatosis. Evaluation, imaging, histology and operative treatment for dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica Trevor disease of the acetabulum: Arthritis Rheum ;54 Popliteal artery thrombosis secondary to a tibial osteochondroma.

Osteochondroma of the lunate with extensor tendons rupture of the index finger: J Bone Joint Surg, 59App. Tumors and tumor-like lesions of the joints and related structures. Imaging the complications sinoviap osteochondromas.

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